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Tube Profit Sniper Review – An Opportunity To Make $500+ Everyday?

Tube Profit Sniper Review

Have you checked out Tube Profit Sniper and become suspicious on whether or not they are genuine. 

Well It's good your here as today I'll be bringing you a Tube Profit Sniper review that should answer all the questions that you have on them. 

I bet you are probably looking for a platform that will make you money online and with the numbers this company are coming out with it does sounds great.

$500 a day? Over $2000 a month? Surely this is too good to be true. Make sure to read till the end as there are some hidden truths you should be aware of before purchasing this product.

Tube Profit Sniper Review Summary

Tube Profit Sniper Main Page

Name Of Product: Tube Profit Sniper


No Specific Owner


$37 (This goes down to $17 if you try and leave the page)


In summary Tube Profit Sniper is a untrustworthy program that tries to convince you that you can make money using YouTube on autopilot.

Verdict:              Scam!

 What Is Tube Profit Sniper?

Tube Profit Sniper is a program set up by an unknown individual claiming that you can make a passive income from using and watching YouTube videos.

Of course there is a lot of money to be made with YouTube and right now there are many influencers on the platform making lots of money however the idea behind Tube Profit Sniper sounds quite ridiculous.

They say 1) you can make money by just doing a few clicks and 2) you can make money just by watching videos.

If it was really that easy I'm sure more people would be doing this and not just the 20 students he claims to have enrolled, but of course as this is a scam you won't actually be making any money.

Honestly right of the bat I found way to many signs that this is just another scam and watching a few minutes of the sales video confirmed my suspicions. I'll explain more on what I found in this review.

 How Do You Start Making Money?

The idea is that you start a YouTube channel based around a niche of your choice based around an interest of yours. You then need to connect to a system called Cash Siphon and that's about it. All you have to do is complete those few steps in around 10 minutes and you will start to make floods of money.

Obviously this is all wrong and this will not make you money, in fact if you really want to make money you will need to put in some considerable effort to get it to a stage where you are making any type of income. 

Tube Profit Sniper Make $500 a day

Claiming you can make $500 every day from Youtube

Simply starting up a YouTube account and connecting it to some service isn't going to make you $500 a day like he claims everyone who has followed the process is doing. That's all bull***t quite frankly.

 How Do You Make Money With   YouTube?

In order to make money on YouTube you will need to learn how to get subscribers and how to build a big audience. This is how all the successful YouTubers make money as they build their audiences over time until they have reached figures where its possible to make full-time incomes and more

If you are reading this and thinking maybe YouTube is a good route to success then your right as it is but it will take a lot of motivation, time and dedication for it to work for you.

As like most businesses you have to put in the work, so this idea with Tube Profit Sniper in that all the work is done from you is a load of rubbish as from my experience there is no way you can make money with a automation tool.

This is just an overused sales pitch that these people say to convince you to buy there products.

 The Tube Profit Sniper Positives   and Negatives

While doing my research I found things I don't like about them that are signs they are a scam but at the same time I have also found a few things that are good about them.

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. ClickBank Product

As you may know with ClickBank products is that you can get your money back, you only have 60 days from purchase date so if you have brought them and are having second thoughts you can at least get your money back.

This is a good thing as what I have found with other products not associated with ClickBank is they offer some 30 day guarantee but end up running off with your money.

2. Offers Some Training

If there is another good aspect to point out then that's there training they have for you when you purchase.

To be honest there isn't a great deal of information here and won't take you much time to learn the modules, in fact you will find better guides elsewhere on Google for free.

So I wouldn't say its worth it just for the training as you can save your money and find training elsewhere.

I have reviewed platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama that do offer some in-depth training however what Tube Profit Sniper as to offer is quite bleak.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Fake Testimonials (Very Cringy!)

The amount of times I have seen this on scams are countless, the use of fake testimonials is so over used and are used to make the platform sound legit. 

Unfortunately as by the heading all the testimonials you will watch in the sales video they are all fake. I did have my suspicions as just listening to them speak it sounded scripted and unnatural. 

To back this up you will find that many of these people have worked with other programs to do testimonials in return for money. These company's seek them out by purchasing gigs, so many of them end up doing testimonials for different scams.

None of these people have come close to trying the program so all the figures they report they are earning is all lies as they are making money doing the spokesvideo not by using Tube Profit Sniper.

2. Unconvincing Owner

Another sign is the way the owner talks in the video. What I have found to be a recurring theme with these programs is that the the person talking in the video never goes in to depth or really explain how the system works, he only mentions the amount of money you can make and how you must sign up this minute.

When I look at buying products online I always like to do my research beforehand to see find out more about what I'm buying. This is a classic scam where they say you can make hundreds of dollars practically in minutes of purchase by using there 'powerful' machine.

Tube Profit Sniper Limited Spaces Lie

He tries to entice you into buying the product by saying all of his spots are full or that while your watching this video someone as already started making money with him.

When he mentioned this as I was around halfway through the video so again he's implying that by buying his product now you will be making money in 15 minutes. 

He talks about how its auto, how you can quit your job, live financially free and happy without really talking about the process.

Seeing someone access a PayPal account and showing you how much money he's got in it right now isn't going to convince me to buy the product as this isn't actual proof that this works. This is simply someone showing me a few transactions and a account balance.

3. Video Isn't Streamed Live

If you have watched the video you may have noticed a bar below the video that shows that it is being streamed. While it looks like the video is live, it isn't really infact, you want to know how I know this?

Well at the start of the video the streamer count starts on around 1871 people and continues to go up as you watch the video (or in this case keep the tab open), if you refresh the video the number restarts again.

I watched the full video which was 27 minutes and thought I'd leave the tab open for a few days on my laptop and despite the video finishing the streamer count is now at 61,000.

Tube Profit Sniper Video Isn't Live

As you can see since the video was uploaded the video as under 3000 views

Now that's a lot of people but if the video isn't being streamed live then that number is false. The reason why that number increased is because its a ticker set up to keep increasing which is just another sales tactic used to get you to take action.

In fact all the rubbish about it being live can be confirmed by clicking on the video as in the bottom right corner you will see the YouTube logo. When you go to the actual YouTube page you will see that it is a pre-recorded video with under 2000 views.

4. Fake Social Media

If you scroll down below the video you will find testimonials on there so called social media pages. However there are alarm bells ringing straight from the start. With both the Twitter and Facebook you will find different reviews however two have the same profile on each platform but different names which is very suspicious.

While that is odd I decided to go even further to find some of these reviews on Twitter and Facebook. I must of been searching for around 10 minutes but still wasn't able to see any sign of there social media pages or anyone writing reviews.

This means that yet again these are fake and have been made using a tool or software to convince you that more (fake) people are having success with them.

5. Don't Guarantee Profit (Or Working System For That Matter!)

If you are to buy in to any program or membership I always advise people to check the small print as it can be used against you if your not aware of it.

With Tube Profit Sniper if you go all the way to bottom of the page there is a snippet in small font that said:

'...regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. makes absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied.'

So despite all the over hype and how this program will change your life that part above is contradicting a lot of what he said's in the video on how you may or not make money. ​

Tube Profit Sniper Risk Free

The couple of words that stand out in that above passage is 'or any results', this is implying that by buying the product you aren't guaranteed to make a single cent. This is despite him saying its risk free.

In the business world making money is by no means guaranteed but if you follow the correct training and know what your doing plus put in the work you are destined for success just like anything in life.

The thing with this program is the guy talks about how powerful his system is and how people are signing up and making $500 easily, but to then mention how your not guaranteed to make money is a huge red flag.

 Is Tube Profit Sniper A Scam?

I don't recommend Tube Profit Sniper and having reviewed them I have come to the conclusion that they are a scam and one to stay well clear off.

The idea of making money using a automation system is ridiculous and not possible, this is a concept that is overused and honestly sucks that so many people get sucked into it and lose tons of money.

Hopefully though this Tube Profit Sniper review was of use to you and has helped you make a decision on whether or not they are a site to be trusted.


  • 60 day money back guarantee

  • ​Offers some training, however this is quite limited

  • ​​the business model they oppose doesn't work 

  • Owner is known for setting up similar products, so he's not new to scamming!
  • Fake income proofs and testimonials

 What Business Model Do I Use To   Make Money?

This business model I have talked about in this review is one that just doesn't work, to be honest its just impossible to make money in the way that they claim.

As with the heading you may be wondering which business models actually work and will make you money. Well over the years I have found affiliate marketing to be the best and most efficient way to make money and the concept is very simple.

So no more scams, it consists of you thinking of a passion or interest that you have and making a website based around that idea. The platform I use called Wealthy Affiliate then shows you how to make money with that website by recommending products within that niche.

What do you think to Tube Profit Sniper? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

Is My Freelance Paycheck A Scam? – A ‘Sneaky’ Company With Upsells?

Is My Freelance Paycheck A Scam

Ever thought about trading your time for money by writing if so you might want to learn more about a company called My Freelance Paycheck. My Freelance Paycheck claims to teach you all the skills you need to know for you to be able to freelance successfully. 

That sounds great, however do they actually teach or is it just a load of rubbish. That's a question that I was asking but since I have had chance to check them out and today I'll be giving you my honest opinions on them.

So Is My Freelance Paycheck a scam or a legitimate site to invest your time into. Make sure to read on until the end of this review to find out.

Now quickly before I get started...

Ever wondered what it would be like to make 4 figures every month passively. Well the platform I recommend teach you every step it takes to achieve that. If you want to learn more about them then make sure to check them out below.

My Freelance Paycheck Review Summary


What Are They?: Freelance Training Program

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

My Freelance Paycheck Home Page

What Is My Freelance Paycheck About?

If you are wondering My Freelance Paycheck is a company started up by someone called Laura Pennington. She claims that she can teach you within her training on how to freelance correctly and successfully. 

I took the time to look around the site and on their she does explain her story on how she escaped her 9 to 5 job to freelance. What is interesting and a ploy that I have noticed many of programs similar use is the word 'secret'.

The thing is the secret is that there is no secret in all truth. Laura was not the one to invent freelance writing and as you probably may or not know doing freelance tasks online as been around for ages. 

Sites such as Fiver are good examples where you can get paid one time fees to complete tasks such as content writing. So you can see already from the onset and before buying the product that there is a lot of hype.

To be honest though there is potential in online freelancing and for many people they make full-time incomes off it.

When I first started browsing 'making money online' in google, becoming a freelance writer was one of the first options that came up.

However you will be surprised by how competitive it is as there are so many people attempting to make money this way. One of the main reasons and why I considered it at one point is the rate of pay is quite high and you can get paid up to $200 for writing a piece of content.

However from what I found getting accepted was extremely difficult which is why I struggle to believe the hype already with My Freelance Paycheck.

Insert Image

How Exactly Doe's My Freelance Paycheck Work?

Laura offers a product that comes with different modules and training which you can use to learn more about Freelancing. Included with the product there are 4 things that come with it that consist of:

  • PDF of 165 pages on how to be a freelance writer (also comes with an audio version you can listen to instead)
  • 23 videos that take you through the process
  • Email Templates
  • Success Multiplier Book

The whole set comes up to $47 does carry some value as the strategies explained in the product will help you in the freelance world. However 

My Freelance Paycheck Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Actually Teaches You What You Need To Know

Whats a nice change from the scams that I have reviewed is that My Freelance Paycheck does actually teach you what you need to know in order to make an income writing content. 

Yes there are of course downsides like I will go on to mention in the cons below, however all in all the product on offer will help if this is an industry your interested in being apart of and does provides value.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Competitive Industry

The main problem with Freelancing is just how competitive it is, as I mentioned earlier when I was researching making money writing content I was shocked on how much money you could make. 

There were sites that would pay $50, $100, $200 for 1000 words. At the time this sounded like easy money however it was anything but.

I did apply for many of these sites however in most cases I never received a reply, that was probably because of the demand being so high.

Maybe if I had found Laura's training earlier I might have been able to apply certain aspects however that still doesen't change how it is quite hard still to write on a consistent basis for most sites out there.

2. Requires You To Invest

As with most programs online whether that be scam or legitimate you will need to spend money. Obviously if you do your research on a scam and find out they aren't all they make out to be then I would not recommend buying any of their products. 

With this company, yes you will need to spend $47, but if you are passionate about getting involved and follow whats been taught you will be able to make that back and more in the future through freelancing.

3. She Over Hypes A lot

Unfortunately as someone who is attempting to sell a product, Laura does over hype the product a lot on her website. She makes it sound so easy on how she went from making nothing to thousands of dollars just like that however its not that easy and with most things it requires plenty of work to make anything considerable. 

There's no doubting that Laura needed to put the effort in to get to the position she is now however shes does make the process seem way to easy and the word 'secret' is mentioned all the time with mmo products.

So Is My Freelance Paycheck A Scam?

My Freelance Paycheck gets the all clear from me as they aren't a scam and do teach you how to make money freelance writing.

Results won't appear over night however if you take action there could be potential to make money by writing online.

Just so you know I am in no way affiliated to My Freelance Paycheck and to be honest I do normally label these type of products a scam but in this case they do get my approval.

Want A Better Way To Make Money Writing?

Now while I still have you here I thought I would talk about another opportunity very similar to the one above that will also make you money online.

You can get paid to write about literally and it can be done by making your very own website. In fact this website is an example of one that generates income each month through regurly writing content. 

The content you write, the passion you choose to talk about is all up to you, but what every you choose you can make money with it. 

I'm bringing this review to a close here soon however if you like the sound of making your own money making website then check out my #1 recommendation here.

To echo this method also requires work, time and perseverance however is guaranteed to make you money

My 'Worth It' Rating