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What Is CashCrate About? – Make An Easy $20+ A Day?

What Is CashCrate About

So what is Cashcrate about? Cashcrate is a long serving Survey site that has been paying its members for completing surveys and offers on the place since 2007.

People have asked me what is Cashcrate about, but I wasn’t able to say much on them as I was unknown to them

If your looking to find out what they are about, whether you can make any money and most importantly whether or not they are legit then you are in the right place. ​

I decided to go and try out the website myself and have had a play with most of the features on the site over the last couple of weeks to bring this CashCrate review to you guys.

Here I’ll be giving you the full run down of them and how you can earn money on the site.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate survey site that pays well, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them!

CashCrate Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

CashCrate Main Page

What Is CashCrate About?

Cashcrate is for anyone above the age of 13 is eligible to join the site, although the site is available to anyone.

However, the majority of offers are mostly available to US and UK speaking countries.

​Getting Started

The sign up process is very simple for this site, you will need to enter your name and email to sign up.

The final step is to go to your email to then confirm that that is your email address and that is you done.

CashCrate Registration

​How Do You Start Making Money?


One of the best ways to make money is by taking advantage of the offers they have on the site.

The offers do pay well, but the only problem is that they don’t update them regularly enough so some days you do find that you run out of offers to complete.

The offers are split into two, the paid offers and the free offers.

The paid offers generally pay a lot better than the free offers but require you to either enter your credit card details or purchase something.

The free offers, however, don’t require any purchase but usually pay less than the paid ones.

CashCrate Offers


Surveys are another way to earn on the site, in this feature on the site you will find a mixture between their surveys and survey routers.

The survey routers tend to pay the usual ranging from around $0.75 to $1.00.

Their surveys, however, pay from $0.10 upwards. I tend to stay away from the ones that pay lower than $0.75 as there just not worth your time and effort.

CashCrate Surveys


The online shopping feature to the site allows you to get cashback on online stores that you purchase goods at.

I like this kind of features as there quite a cool way to make money. Shopping online is something I do anyway so its just a bonus if you can get paid for it. 


Out of all the features, this one’s probably my favourite of them all.

Cash crate has a great referral system that allows you to get 20% of all your referrals earnings plus an extra 10% of your referrals.

Not only that but you then get $3 every time your referrals earn $10. Let’s say your referral earns $100; you would get a $30!

CashCrate Referral Program

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

You can request a Paypal payment as soon as you reach £20. This one’s fairly similar to toluna in the fact it has a very high minimum payout. This one better compared to Toluna’s £35 minimum in my opinion as there are also much more opportunity to make money.

When Does Cashcrate Payout?

They Payout through Paypal on the 20th of the following month. If you requested a payout in March, you would get paid on the 20th in April.

CashCrate Complaints

High Minimum Threshold

With the limited opportunities on offer trying to reach $35 in order to get paid will be a slow process and take you time to reach.

Compared to other sites such as PrizeRebel and Swagbucks where the minimum threshold is as low as $1, that is a big difference one of the reasons I tend to stick with the latter sites because getting paid out is much easier.

There are many reasons why I don't like sites with high thresholds, first one being if the panel is shut down more likely or not you won't recieve a payout.

So imagine you made $30 and was so close to the threshold but then the panel closed down. It is unlikely has Cashcrate is established however it could happen and all that hard work would of gone to nothing.

The second reason why and this one is obvious is the fact it could take you 2/3 months or more before you actually have enough to withdraw.

Don't forget apart from the referral program opportunities are limited so it will be time consuming and take many survey completions.

Rewards Take Too Long To Process

As stated in thier terms and conditions payments can take as long as 4 weeks to process. That is a lengthy spell of time and a lot slower than many of its existing competitors.

While many people wouldn't mind waiting that along there are still many panels that I have tried and tested that pay as quick as instantly. Sites such as SuperPayMe and Rewarding Ways send out instant pays out to PayPal which is cool and one of the reasons why I use them to get quick cash from time to time.

The CashCrate Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    High paying referral system
  • check
    Offers pay well
  • check
    Established and legitimate site

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Can take up to 4 weeks for rewards to be processed
  • close
    Cashout is very high
  • close
    Tendency to close accounts randomly

So Is CashCrate A Scam?

No, CashCrate is not a scam and is a legitimate site to earn rewards with.

I wouldn’t say it is the most efficient reward site out there to make money and most of that goes down to the fact the minimum cash out is considerably high. 

If you do choose to use this site I would recommend I would say it just below the level of some of my favourite sites which are still pretty good.

Not Keen On Surveys?

Cashcrate is a okay site to use to earn rewards, especially with its referral system which will offer a long term source of income if you manage to gain enough referrals.

However what I recommend to anyone looking to make more than just a few cents is Affiliate Marketing as it allows you to make a consistent full-time income from the comfort of your own home.

The idea is that you pick a topic/niche, create your own website around it and then attract a audience to your site. 

Platform I use is called Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you how to make an online business and then how to start making revenue ( Full-Time Income!).

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to CashCrate? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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Is Neobux A Scam – Are Neobux Worth Your Time?

Is Neobux A Scam

Welcome to my Neobux review where I will be taking you through everything you need to know about the site and how you can make money. 

In my opinion I feel like the PTC market is dying and most sites out there don't pay out well enough to be considered.

Many sites will pay you fractions of a cent just to click on ads, which is why I have never been a fan.

However with that said stick with me here as I'll be telling you whether is Neobux a Scam and whether they are worth the effort.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate reward site that pays well, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them!

Neobux Review Summary


What Are They?: Get Paid To Click Ads

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 2/5

NeoBux Main Page

What Is Neobux About?

Neobux is a PTC site that's been around since 2008 that pays you to click on ads. They do also offer other opportunities for you to make money such as referring friends and completing tasks.

While reviewing the company I found both good and bad aspects to the site all of which I will go over in this review. 

First of all let me tell you Neobux isn't a scam and that they do payout unlike similar sites I have tried out such as Seven Dollar Click.

You will find many contrasting reviews about them but there is evidence and payment proof out there.

Top 5 Survey Sites of 2018 - Increase your earning potential by signing up with all of them! Get a $5 bonus when you sign up to Swagbucks!

  1. Swagbucks  
  2. MyPoints
  3. CashCrate   
  4. InboxDollars
  5. PrizeRebel

​How Do You Start Making Money?

You can start money by creating an account on there website and then checking out the ads available to you.

For every ad you click on you will receive a payout, normally this will be $1 or less, these can range from $0.01 to $0.001. 

As you can see it all sounds quite simple and it is however the earning potential is very limited. You won't be making much just by clicking ads so you will will want to look at the other opportunities  on offer.

There is the option get paid by referring friends however the way this works is a little more complex than I intially expected it to be.

This is because you will need to wait at least 15 days from registration before you can start earning, you will also need to have clicked on 100 ads.

Not only that but they make it a little harder by chucking in a maximum of 30 referrals, so you can only invite 30 people to the site. They do increase that number over time, but with that said I still don't like the idea of having a certain number of referrals.

I personally wouldn't dedicate my time with this program as there are simpler reward sites that let you invite unlimited people. When you can invite as many people as you want, you can earn a lot more money.

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

They payout via Payza, Skrill or Neteller. They seem to cover most of the electronic wallet payouts however there is no PayPal or even gift cards as a different alternative.

If you want to get paid via PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards I would recommend checking out these other high paying reward sites instead.

Neobux Complaints

Limited Opportunities Avialable

The problem with Neobux is there seems to be a certain amount you can make as the opportunities available to you are limited.

You can understand that with the ads paying out so low which means it will take you hundreds or clicks before you have even earn't a few dollars.

Ads Pay Cents...Wait I Mean A Tenth Of A Cent!

While getting paid a cent for clicking on a add could be considered alright considering it only takes a few seconds to do.

Getting paid a 10th of a cent is very low to the point where its just not worth considering in my opinion. Luckily there are other ways on the site including surveys and offers which will at least pay your for your time. If your receiving $0.001 I wouldn't either consider that as being paid.

The Neobux Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate site that payout
  • check
    Pays via Payza, Skrill and Neteller, However no PayPal option.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Earning potential is limited
  • close
    Not a great use of your time

Is Neobux Worth It?

So has you probably know Neobux is a scam however I wouldn't recommend them. That is because there are better sites out there already they offer more opportunitys to earn money.

If you try sites like Neobux out you will find you will only be earning a couple of extra dollars a month if your lucky and that is quite poor to be honest.

You are much better off checking out these other reward sites that I recommend as the earning potential is much greater and all in all they have worked to be great for me. So if you are still interested in making a part time income feel free to check them out.

Want $5 For Free?

Join Swagbucks for free and make extra cash today! They pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, search the web and much more. They have paid out over $160,000,000 in rewards in the last 10 years!

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Neobux? Do you think Neobux is a scam?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below 🙂

Seven Dollar Click Review – An Easy Way To Make $7K+ A Month?

Seven Dollar Click Review

When I go to review programs online I like to go in with a open mind.

The one thing that drew me towards Seven Dollars Click is the quite insane $7 a click. I was thinking surely its not that easy to make money.

You will probably not be suprised to hear that there is a lot more to this company then originally meets the eye. 

So make sure to hear me out and read till the end of this Seven Dollar Click review to find out just what they are about.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate survey site that pays well, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them!

Seven Dollars Click Review Summary


What Are They?: Pay To Click (PTC)

Verdict: Scam!

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Seven Dollar Click Main Page

What Is Seven Dollar Click?

Seven Dollar Click is a pay to click site that pays you to click on ads. It's really that simple and to boost for each one you will get $7.

Now before I get any further and so you have an idea of where this review is going, most legitimate companys would only pay you a maximum of $0.01 a click, so these are unheard off rates that this company as on offer.

I did try 

Insert Image

Top 5 Reward Sites of 2018 - Increase your earning potential by signing up with all of them! Get a $5 bonus when you sign up to Swagbucks!

  1. Swagbucks  
  2. MyPoints
  3. CashCrate   
  4. InboxDollars
  5. PrizeRebel

How Do You Start Making Money?

As soon as you make an account you can then start clicking on ads and get money credited to your account.

You will know how much an ad is worth and what it is before you click on it. It seems like most ads do pay $7 some pay $14. However this all pretty much bs has the company is a scam and don't pay. 

When you click on a ad you will need to stay on it for 14 seconds and then do a quick verification, which in this case is choosing the correct number out of 4 numbers. e.g if 4375 pops up you will be asked to click on the number 7.

It all seems so simple as when I went to check my account the money was there and as I checked out two ads I had a balance of $14 each I had $28.

Its just a shame that I won't see that money, not that I had to work very hard for it.

Seven Dollar Click Complaints

There are a number of things that I picked up on while using site. These are very suspicious aspects that add to the evidence that Seven Dollar is a scam.

1. Have to buy a membership to get paid

Another con I can't work out why do you need to buy memberships just to get paid. This doesn't make sense and with sites like these where you are making extra cash, spending up to $299 on a membership shouldn't be compulsory.

You will find with legit paying sites that you don't have to buy a membership. That is why they are still legit and sites like this one aren't.

Even if they were legit, I wouldn't make sense for you to buy a membership of a few $100 dollars for a $7000 payout. That is because they have no intention of paying you, they just want your hard earned money.

2. Repeatedly Mentioning the following ' long as you have not breached the terms and conditions'

Whilst checking out the FAQ's I found the above phrase mentioned a lot.

Most FAQ's I've taken a look at on other reward sites for questions such as 'how long does a reward take to process' the normal response is the amount of time. However it is repeated a lot about how you may not be paid if you breach the terms. 

For me this looks quite suspect and shows they aren't legit.

3. Takes Up To 75 Days For You To Get Paid?

This is something I don't get and still don't, why such a long time just to get paid?

For most sites you will likely get paid within 30 days max more commonly 7 days, not 75 days. That's crazy.

The Seven Dollar Click Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    As no good aspects too the site

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Minimum threshold is way too high at $7000
  • close
    Not a legitimate company that pays out

Is Seven Dollar Click a Scam?

I think its more than safe to say that Seven Dollar Click is a scam and a site to not be trusted. 

There is no evidence of paying members and with the things I mentioned in this review there just not worth even giving a go.

When I know that there are existing sites out there that do pay out for instance Clixsense pay you to click on ads however they did stop recently.

Even then they paid a fraction of a cent and actually have a history of paying out so none of this $7 rubbish, its fake.

Now for you to click on this review I am guessing you at least have a slight interest in making money and while I don't recommend this one I reviewed I have found these 5 high paying reward sites to be the best ones in 2018. 

They don't offer an opportunity for you to get paid to click on ads but instead offer other opportunities such as completing surveys, watching videos, offers, etc all in return for free rewards.

Want $5 For Free?

Join Swagbucks for free and make extra cash today! They pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, search the web and much more. They have paid out over $160,000,000 in rewards in the last 10 years!

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Seven Dollar Click?

Let me know your views by dropping a comment below 🙂

What Is Review – Is DollarClix Legit?

DollarClix Review

In this post I'll be bringing you a Review. DollarClix is a well known GPT site that offers opportunitys for people like you and me to make money through completing various tasks.

While many people may use them are they even legit and if so are they worth the time and effort.

Make sure to read on in this DollarClix review to find out what they have to offer, how they payout and most importantly whether or not DollarClix is legit or not.

Looking To Make An Extra $500 a Month?

Check out the survey site we use that offers numerous ways to make money online Review Summary


What Are They?: Reward Site

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

DollarClix Main Page

What Is

DollarClix is a legit site that pays you to complete surveys, do offers, refer friends and other ways. 

These type of sites give you a way to make an extra income online however with this one it seems to offer something else with a optional membership.

These membership is by no means compulsory however buying it can give you extra benefits including better rates on referring friends.

They do even state in the FAQ's that you will never need to buy anything.

If you are familiar with my reviews you will probably know that I don't recommend buying any memberships with survey sites and nothing changes with DollarClix.

You shouldn't really need to be spending money in order to make extra cash in my opinion. 

Top 5 Survey Sites of July 2018 - Increase your earning potential by signing up with all of them! Get a $5 bonus when you sign up to Swagbucks!

  1. Swagbucks  
  2. MyPoints
  3. CashCrate   
  4. InboxDollars
  5. PrizeRebel

Getting Started

DollarClix is a fairly new GPT site that as been around for the last 3 years.

There aren't many requirements needed for you to join as they accept anyone worldwide, as long as your over 18 you are able to join though.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the amount of opportunities does depend on where you live.

So while they accept every country some studies and offers may only be for certain countries. 

​How Do You Start Making Money?


With DollarClix one of the main ways you can make money is through completing surveys.

The amount of money you can make through giving your opinions on different topics depends from survey to survey.

Each survey generally pays between $0.10 and $2.50.

Completing Offers

Doing offers is another opportunity for you to make money where you can make money by completing various tasks.

These offer walls are all third party and appear on a fair share of reward sites. These give you additional options to make money where you can get paid for doing lots of things.

Just make sure to follow the instructions of each offer in order to make sure you get paid out.

Watching Videos

Very similar to Swagbucks you can also get paid to watch videos. 

Its that simple, however these are generally low paying so you will need to watch dozens before getting anything substantial.

With that said it can be a good way to make a few extra dollars a month.

Referral Program

The most interesting feature they have is the referral system. Its interesting in that they are unique to others, as I haven't come across a site which offers a subsciption to increase your earnings.

You can get 10% of all your referrals earnings, this can be increased through the subscription.

Luckily unlike other survey sites that require subsciption these aren't a scam.

However I'm just not sure why they have it. Sure it makes them more money but why not have a target where if a member reaches a certain amount of money earn't there referral rates are increased. 

This is quite like PrizeRebel another reward site I enjoy using where you can get rates up to 30% of your referral earnings.

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

DollarClix as some good options when it comes to payouts and all in all there payout system seems good.

Payouts start at $1 and you can get paid in cash through either PayPal and Payza or get paid through gift cards such as Amazon and Tango Cards.

They aim to pay also within 3 days of your first redemption. After your first payment every one after that is done within a day.

The DollarClix Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate rewards site
  • check
    Available worldwide
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18
  • check
    Threshold is low at $1

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Earning potential is limited
  • close
    As a membership which will put off some people
  • close
    Lack of support

So Is DollarClix A Scam?

Its safe to say that DollarClix is legit as there does seem to be good feedback and payment proofs online.

DollarClix isn't the best reward site out there but there definitely not the worst and do offer some genuine opportunity's to make money however the fact they have a membership even though its optional does put me off.

Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think to them in the comments below. 

If you are looking to make extra cash online why not check out these extra income sites that payout the best in the industry.

Want $5 For Free?

Join Swagbucks for free and make extra cash today! They pay you to complete surveys, watch videos, search the web and much more. They have paid out over $160,000,000 in rewards in the last 10 years!

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you guys think to DollarClix? Have any questions or experiences?

Do drop a comment in the section below. I'd love to hear from you! 🙂

Is Points2Shop A Scam Or a Legit Rewards Site? My Honest Review

In this post ill be reviewing a reward site by the name of Points2Shop after recently coming across contrasting reviews where some were saying that this site is an outright scam.

I thought I'd check them out for myself to see if Points2Shop is a scam and is therefore a reward site to avoid.

If your looking for a consise and a honest review then your in the right place as all you need to know about them will be right here in this Points2Shop review.

Points2Shop Review Summary


What Are They: A GPT Site ( Get-Paid-To)

Worth It?: No

Verdict: Legit

What Is Points2Shop About?

Points2Shop is basically a site that will pay you to do different types of activities such as completing surveys, watching videos, etc. The way they work is simple, just like the name you will get points for every task you complete which can then be used and put towards something in the shop.

The company has been in force ever since 2007 and has over 4.5 million users. This surprises me as there are numerous negative reviews going in the direction of this site, however there are still many people using them to earn rewards. I'll go more over why I'm surprised a little later as I go over complaints

Getting Started

Registering an account is easy and will take you a couple of minutes tops to complete.

There are however some requirements you will need to know about before signing up. These consist of you being at least 18 and being from either the UK, Canada or US.

It is possible to make money with the site if your a teen however for those under 18 and over 14 you will need parental consent to sign up.

How Do You Start Making Money With Points2Shop?

There are different ways that you can go about acquiring points at Points2Shops. As I previously briefly mentioned for every task you complete you will be awarded an amount of points, some pay better then others.

Before I go over these opportunities its worth knowing that Points2Shop have there own site currency in the form of points. For every point you make is worth a cent/penny.


You can earn points by completing surveys and giving your opinions on various topics. You can typically make up to $1 a survey, however most surveys pay lower than that. There are a number of surveys available to you however but not all are worth your time, so my tip if your planning on using the site is to browse through the surveys to find the ones that pay the most.

Inviting Other People

Another way to make money and one that can potentially be more rewarding in the long run is by referring other people to the site. Every time you refer someone you will receive a one of bonus of $0.50.

As this site targets US and the UK primarily you can also receive an extra $0.50 on top of that making it $1 in total if a referral resides in one of those countries. An extra bonus on top of that for each referral that is from the US you will receive 15% of all your referrals earnings.


Completing offers is another way to make money with the site. You will get paid to complete tasks such as sign ups, trials, competition entries, etc. On paper these are easy ways to make money and pay okay considering the skill required. 

You will find both paid and free offers which are different to each other. Free offers will pay you to complete tasks that don't require a purchase and a Paid offer will pay you more than a free one but will require you to insert some kind of CC details, but these generally pay a lot better.

What Rewards Are Avialable

There are a number of rewards on the site which include the likes of Amazon and a number of other gift cards. Whats also good is that their is also an option to receive your payments by straight cash through PayPal.


When ever you come across a rewards site I always advise you to check out the reviews on them as these can give you an insight on other peoples experiences with them. Right now I am going to go over a few of the complaints I came across with Points2Shop while doing my research.

Not Receiving Rewards

Through looking at reviews, one familiar one that popped up is that when some went to cash out their points that their account was labelled as a cheater for no reason. 

Another complaint with the rewards I found was that when members have contacted the support about where there rewards were they would often say that the rewards weren't instock and generally be unhelpful.

Having a good customer service for me is crucial so this puts me off Points2Shop as if I do have any issues I wouldn't be confident that they would be resolved. 

BBB not credited?

If you are familiar with my reviews you will know that I also like to check out BBB which are the Better Business Bureau too see where the company ranks up.

Most legitimate companys that are reviewed will often recieve good awards in letters A to C, however with Points2Shop they have been credited an F. 

This is quite bad and highlights how there not good at solving problems with their members. Most company's to eventually respond to thier members making sure all issues have been resolved to prevent being marked bad on BBB and in general having a bad reputation.

The Points2Shop Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Established company and free to use
  • check
    Referral program can offer a passive income
  • check
    Is possible to make an extra couple of dollars a month

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Many members have had their accounts closed down
  • close
    Better reward sites out there

So Is Points2Shop A Scam?

Ultimately despite the bad reputation Points2Shop they are a site that you can use to earn rewards. However the fact that accounts are being terminated often for know reason does ring alarm bells.

I guess if you really wanted to you could earn a few dollars a day through doing a few tasks but apart from that there isn't alot of money to be made. 

Reward sites are great which is why I use them to make money however in my opinion I have found these reward sites to pay much better and offer more opportunities to help you earn a side income online. 

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Points2Shop? Have you got any opinions or had any experiences with them?

Make sure to leave what you have to say in the comments below 🙂

Is Fusion Cash A Scam Or Legit Rewards Site

Is Fusion Cash a scam or legit rewards sites to make some extra cash with online. So far I have heard quite a few postive things about this site but never actually got round to checking them out.

Well anyway If you have come across this review trying to find out whether this site pay outs then and if there worth the time and effort then your in the right place.

Fusion Cash is one of the longest serving survey sites out there but are they all what they make out to be. In this review ill be telling you whether they are a genuine opportunity to make money and if so are they legit or a scam

Fusion Cash Review


Type: Survey & Reward Based Site

Verdict: Legit

Fusion Cash login page

What Is Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a survey/reward site that has been around over 13 years ever since 2005 so its safe to say that this panel is established. Over the years thier reputation has grown and along with sites like Swagbucks they've become one of the most popular rewards sites out there.

Fusion Cash works like most reward sites as they will pay you to complete different types of tasks including completing offers and surveys.

Unfortunately not everyone can use Fusion Cash as they target US and Canadian residents. In fact if you don't live in those two countries their site wont even load up.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started is pretty simple and is completely free. There are just a few guidelines you will need to follow being you must be over 18 and either American or Canadian.

In order to do the whole signing up process on your own you must be 18 however as long as you have parental guidance anyone from 13 and over can start earning.

Apart from that signing up is straightforward and takes a couple of minutes to complete. Whats cool is that you also receive $5 just for signing up which makes reaching the minimum threshold and getting your first payout easier.

All you need to do to claim that is make an account and then verify your email address.

What Opportunities To Earn Are Avialable?

There are a number of opportunities for you to start earning money using FusionCash. As soon as you sign up you will see a few ways you can start making money straightaway.


Surveys are one of the main ways to make money on the site. If you don't know what surveys are there basically questionnaires where you will get paid for giving your input on a range of different topics. 

Fusion Cash have there own surveys but for many of them you will probably be redirected to other sites.

Chances are you will get disqualified or screened out but that's how it is and you just have to move on to the next survey.

When you sign up you give them your email address and this is what they will use to notify you of any new surveys opening. You can expect to receive 1 or 2 a day.


Offers are a pretty simple way to make money and with this site they separate there offers into different category's making it easy for you navigate through them. Offers are one of the easiest ways to make money as it requires you do a task.

So I mentioned just before then that there are different category's that they got in which you will find free offers and paid offers (displayed as no credit card needed). 

Fusion Cash opportunities

How these offers work is self explanatory, as for one set of offers you won't need your credit card and are then of course free and for the others you will need a credit card. 

A quick one on the paid offers before I move on, these tend to pay very well and in some cases will reward you enough to clear the threshold in one go, however does require a purchase of some kind.

Below is an example of a paid offer at Fusion Cash, this one in particular pays out really well however look closely at what it requires from you and what it rewards. As you can see its not worth it and that goes for some of the offers they have, as the cost outweighs the reward. 

Sure if you wanted a Gamefly subscription it would be worth it as you gain $2 but for the sake of making money it wouldn't be worth it.

Fusion Cash high paying offer

Inviting Friends

This is for sure one of the highlighted features of the site and one of the best ways to make a passive income each month. With each referral there is an earning potential of $7 per member, I say potential as there are different tiers which ill go over now.

You get $1 for referring someone, a further $2 as soon as they complete there first offer and then lastly $5 when then do there first withdrawal making a grand total of $7.

I do prefer these type of referral opportunities as I have found the majority of friends I've referred to often sign up for the site only to use once and never return. For FusionCash all a referral as to do is sign up and you get paid which is awesome.


As simple as it sounds this one will reward you everytime you watch a video. The one thing about this way is that its fairly low paying, so watching a few videos will only make you a handful of cents max.

If you want to earn with FusionCash I would stick to the other ways however with that said you can still earn a small passive income.


This is opportunity allows you to earn cashback on your shopping when you buy things at stores Fusion Cash is partnered with. This can be a great way to save money as if you have intentions of shopping at a certain store you can do that but also get money back.

What Rewards Can You Get?

So onto payments and how you will actually get paid for participating at FusionCash. The minimal threshold for redeeming a reward is $25 so you will need to aquire at least that amount before you can cash your earnings out. This does kind of suck as it is a grind to reach that amount especially when a lot of the surveys and free offers pay a $1 max.

There are a few ways to cash out each of which offer cash, consisting of PayPal, Direct Deposit and Cheque.

This is great that they offer this as I know not everyone as PayPal and there's always going to be some who don't like receiving the other two, so it gives you a choice of what method you would like to receive earnings through.

A quick little heads up as for most survey sites verifying your email is as far as it goes when it comes to giving a panel verification.

However with FusionCash you will need to give them phone verification so you will need your phone the first time you go to redeem a payment. 

Not many panels do this, off the top of my head Swagbucks do it and require you to verify your actual address but all in all it shouldn't take you more then a couple of minutes to do.

Fusion Cash Complaints

The main thing that frustrates me with this site is the high minimum threshold. When you sign up for a survey site you have the intention to earn money quickly but when the threshold is so high it makes it hard and your more likely to give up before your even half way there.

For all the survey sites i actively use at the moment to make an income none of them require a huge amount of points or cash before withdrawing.

With that said there is a strategy that I would take with this site if you are thinking of using it and that would be to log in every day or so and do a survey or 1 offer and then by the end of the month you should have enough to withdraw. 

From my experience trying to clear out high thresholds in one day can be time consuming and frustrating.

The Fusion Cash Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     Are a established and popular survey site
  • check
    Pays out cash through 3 methods
  • check
    Open to anyone over 13 (Under 18's need permission however)

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    High minimum threshold of $25


All in all Fusion Cash Isn't a scam and is for sure a legitimate panel to earn rewards with. While I wouldn't sign up with the intention to become rich overnight has that wont happen with FusionCash its definiety possible to make some extra cash in your spare time

My 'Worth It' Rating

Thanks for reading this Fusion Cash review and I hope I helped you learn more about what they have to offer!

Now do make sure to leave a comment whether thats an opinion or experience you have had with Fusion Cash or maybe a question in general...make sure to let me know in the comments section below 🙂