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What Are Carbon Copy Pro About? – Are They Only After Your Money?

​In this post I'll be taking a look at a company called Carbon Copy Pro which aim to teach you all you need to know about internet marketing.

Now aswell as reviewing survey sites and showing you ones that actually pay I also like to review other opportunities out there that claim to help you make money.

In this review I'll be taking you through everything you need to know about them aswell as answering the question what are Carbon Copy Pro About.

Carbon Copy Pro Review

Type: A platform that teaches you internet marketing

​Company Owner: ​​​​​​Jay Kubassek

​Verdict: ​Legit but not recommended​​​

What Are Carbon Copy About?

Carbon Copy Pro is a platform started up by entrepreneur Jay Kubassek with the aim to show people the in's and outs of internet marketing.

The idea behind them is okay however my guess is that the owners have made quite a lot of money as there are many upsells that come with this site.

If your new to internet marketing and you came across this site to learn more you would more then likely get confused and that's not with the internet marketing training itself but the actual costs that come with the various programs and services that I will talk about in just a moment.

How Do You Get Started?

While they say there aim is to teach people internet marketing you wouldn't think they have your best interests at heart as some of the prices for their programs are quite crazy.

When I say crazy I'm talking thousands and thousands of dollars. Paying that amount of money for training is over the top in my opinion as its just not worth it and if you add all the costs of the products together in comes to 40 big G's, that's the same as buying a nice flashy car!

So What Do The Programs And Memberships Cost?

Their are a number of products and services it's hard to pick out where to start. What's interesting is that to get certain memberships you are required to buy other things first.

​In total there are 4 tiers of memberships on offer which consist of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black.

​Silver Membership

At this tier you are given access to 6 courses of internet marketing knowledge. These tell you how to get started and generally how to become successful in this business.

This is the first tier and in order to get the next tier you must buy the silver one which costs $1995. This can be paid in full or in installment's. 

No matter how good the resources are $1995 is just far too much money. However if you think that's high wait until I go over the other memberships.

​Gold Membership

As I mentioned in order to get the gold membership you will need to have bought the silver one first. The gold one costs $7995 so when you add that to the 2 grand from the silver one you can see how it all adds up.

Now suprisingly the gold membership is also not worth it mainly due to the cost.

If your wondering what this one includes it basically gives you access to 1 on 1 mentorship with some of Cc Pros best entrepreneurs.

They will help you grow your business by giving you advice and teaching you themselves internet marketing. If the price wasn't bad enough this membership only lasts for a year, so I'm guessing you will need to renew it once it runs out.

Platinum Membership

The next membership is platinum and if you haven't guessed you will need to have the silver and gold membership. That makes a total of just under $20'000.

For this one it offers something different and shows you how to make your own product from scratch and then from the internet marketing knowledge they teach then how to sell it.

This offers something different however for the extortionate price of $20000 I would not be recommending them anytime soon.

​Black Mentorship

The last mentorship is the black one which caps off the crazy upsells and comes in at a total of $40000. 

I feel silly to say that this company is legit when there charging such prices for there products however while there not a scam I would not advise any of you to join them.

Now this mentorship allows you to work with them and make your own branded product.

The Carbon Copy Pro Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Teaches you how to get started in internet marketing

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Crazy prices for services and memberships
  • close
    Consists of many upsells
  • close
    Have to pay up to $40000 to make the most of what they have to offer

My Overall Opinions

While they offer some good knowledge on internet marketing no training in this field justifys upsells of upto $40'000

They are legit however I would not recommend them as there are far cheaper and better alternatives.

When I say there are far better ones out there for me there's only program that I've found to give substantial value for a small cost

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Carbon Copy Pro? Have you tried them or had any experiences with them?

Feel free to leave a comment down in the section below:)

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