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Can You Get Paid For Searching The Web At Qmee

Can you get paid for simply searching the web? Well, a site called Qmee claim you can do just that. Now the thing is are Qmee a scam or are they a genuine way to make money on the internet.

I have come across Qmee before but didn’t look more into but after seeing a lot of success on the internet where people are using Qmee to generate an income I thought I would check it out. 

While most reward sites pay you to complete various things being abe to make money through simply searching the web sounds great.

After all its something most of us do every day, however with Qmee do they even pay and if so how well do they pay.

Ill reveal everything as I go through this review


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What is Qmee?

Qmee was first established in 2012 with the aim to pay people like you for searching the web, something that many of us do regularly. The whole point of this is that Qmee wants to track what people are searching in browsers to offer ads that are related to your searching history. 

Qmee is a toolbar and extension that you can install for your browser so when you go on the internet it will automatically start tracking what you do on the internet.

They work in partnership with many companies from Tesco in the UK to Walmart in the US. They also work with search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. 

However while this sounds very simple and is definitely easy cash you won’t be making loads of money, but it will definitely add an income stream to what you currently have and help you earn some extra dollars every now and then.

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign-up process is fairly simple in that you need you just need an email address to register an account with them. 

Alternatively, you can make an account using your Facebook or Twitter.

One thing to note however is that you will need to reside in the US or UK to be eligible to sign up for Qmee.

How Do You Install The Toolbar?

To install the toolbar its quite straightforward as you get is straight from the Qmee home page. Once you’ve signed up on the website you will then be able to install the toolbar to your browser.

Luckily with Qmee is that while some toolbars are only compatible with certain browsers this one works on all the main ones. With the main ones being Chrome, Safari and Firefox. 

After you’ve added the toolbar you will effectively start receiving ads which you can start to make money with.

How Do You Start Making Money With Qmee?

At the start, I was unsure just how you could make money with Qmee, however, its actually easy once you get used to it. 

When you search on the internet you will be offered ads by Qmee normally of products similar to what you have searched. 

For each ad that you get offered, it will show you a price of how much it’s worth when you click on it.

For e.g if you have been looking for a new toaster Qmee might show you an ad for a new toaster that will pay you £0.5 for clicking on it and finding out more. 

When you click on the ad the credit will then be added to your account. However what some people who start of with Qmee don’t realise is that if you are offered 3 ads you will only be able to get credit for 1 of them.


What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

What I like about qmee is how straightforward they make the payments. Whenever I sign up for a new reward site I always make sure to check out the reward section first to find out just how Ill get paid and when.

With Qmee you won’t need to wait to get paid as you can withdraw your earnings at any time. To add these earnings will be delivered through Paypal so that’s another positive to using Qmee.

While you won’t be making much with Qmee you will be able to cash out the occasional dollar from time to time.


Qmee Pros and Cons


Qmee Pros:

  • Easy to start making money
  • The installation process is simple and quick
  • Pays out through Paypal


Qmee Cons:

  • Don’t expect to make huge amounts of money



While Qmee definitely won’t replace a full-time income it sure is a good way to earn some extra cents from time to time. Qmee offers something different to other reward sites as you can earn cash with little to know effort. 



My Verdict




Is Qmee Legit?


My Alternative to Surveys?

Sites like Qmee will help you earn an extra couple of dollars a month at max but nothing more. 

I personally recommend starting your own business. As its arguably the best way to make a passive income in 2017.

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What do you think to Qmee? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

Have a great day!


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