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Is BzzAgent Legit? – Does This Site Really Pay?

So is BzzAgent Legit? Today I’ll be reviewing the site to see if it does indeed reward their members

BzzAgent is a US based survey site that offers their members surveys on various products and services to collect opinions. Not only do BzzAgent give out surveys in return for cash but they are also known for giving out free testers and samples. 

I can already see how this site could be a nice way to make money as reviewing free samples and even getting to keep them is a fairly simple to do and doesn’t take much effort.

Well with that said you’re probably still wondering whether or not BzzAgents is legit or not. 

At first impression, it sure did sound like a great way to make money. The question is this site genuine. I’ll be covering all you need to know about BzzAgent right here in this review

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Now that’s said let’s get into the review!

What is BzzAgent?

So what is BzzAgent? BzzAgent is a product testing company within the US. They give you the opportunity to try new products and services and review them.

I’ve had a look around at reviews on the internet, and for the most part, many of the reviews have been positive and it looks like this company does actually send out products to members. They are partnered with a lot of big names, Disney, Loreal and Ebay to name a couple.

Who Is Available To Sign Up?

Anyone over 18 from the following countries is available to sign up:

  • United States Of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweeden
  • France
  • Canada
  • Germany

How Do You Sign Up To BzzAgent?

You can sign up either by using a Facebook account or by using your email address. The sign-up process is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. 

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

With this site, you don’t necessarily get paid for using the site. Instead, you get to keep the products and merchandise that get sent to you for a review.

How do you start Making Money With BzzAgent?

This is a bit of a weird one as funnily enough you don’t get paid for using BzzAgent. Instead, you just get to keep the products you review.

So I guess you’re probably wondering now is how do I start receiving products for review. Well after you’ve completed your sign up for the site BzzAgent will want to find out more information about you.

This is because they want to send you products based on your interests and hobbies, so basically they want to send items to the right people. Anyway once you’ve completed some campaigns you will start to receive invitations through email on products for reviewing.

After this the process becomes very 1,2,3, you will receive some products, write up your experiences with them preferably writing a good amount on them as the more you write essentially, the more benefits and campaigns you will be invited to in the future. And that’s your work done

What Surveys do they offer?

The idea of the surveys is to see find out more about you, for example, your interests, hobbies, electronics, etc. There are quite a few surveys at first available to you to complete.
A bit like Profile surveys you find on quite a lot of survey sites these days the more surveys you complete, the more opportunities you will receive.
I would recommend this as the first thing you do after signing up for the site as once done their won’t be anything holding you back from receiving many invitations.

Pros Of BzzAgent:

  • You get to keep the products you test
  • Easy to start receiving products

Cons Of BzzAgent:

  • Not all the goods sent out are high in value

Is BzzAgent Legit?

Yes, BzzAgent is Legit and will send you products out for reviewing. 


After trying out BzzAgent for the last week or so I have to say I do quite like it. Unlike ProductTestingUK who rarely send out goods to members this site, however, sends more products out and to more people.

Like a similar site, I reviewed recently that showed promise in Usertesting this site also looks good and a genuine site to start earning not quite money but quality products instead.

My Verdict


Want to try an Alternative to Surveys And Earn More of a Long Term Income?

I like the concept of BzzAgent as it gives you the opportunity to get free products just for testing, that’s cool! However, when it comes to making money you won’t make any with BzzAgent, which is obvious. 

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I’ll leave a link to my full review on the platform here 

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What do you think to BzzAgent? Let me know in the comments section below

Have A Great Day Guys! Josh

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