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Buzzsponge Review – What Is All The Buzz About?

So what is all the buzz about in todays Buzzsponge review we will find out. If you just come across this review and are wondering whether this site is a genuine opportunity for making money then stay put as your in the right place.

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What is Buzzsponge?

Buzzsponge is a community in the that’s connects people in the United States together to collect all kinds of opinions on all types of things. From offering your opinion to who you think’s gonna be the president of the US to giving your say on who will win the Superbowl. Not only that they also try to get views and opinions on products and services in return for money.

How To Start Earning Money?

When you sign up you can start earning money by taking part in buzz discussions, there are many topics to choose from so you can choose from ones that take your interest.

What Payouts Can You Request?

There are many gift cards that are available for redemption once you have enough points. You will need 4000 points minimum to request one which equates to $10.

The problem here is that there is no evidence so far that this site does actually pay so I guess you could say that they are a scam.

However, they argue that there are 25’000 members that have signed up but was it very odd is that there is not a single piece of proof that the site does give out rewards.

Pros Of Buzzsponge:

  • Good Concept

Cons Of Buzzsponge:

  • No record or anyone being paid so far
  • Threshold takes a couple of weeks to reach

Is Buzzsponge A Legit Or Scam Site

I’m not sure what to think about this site as there isn’t much evidence at the moment that this site pays, so I won’t say this site is definitely legit.

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My Verdict

2/10 (Purely because there is no proof that they pay as of so far)

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With Buzzsponge I have to admit the concept sounds really promising but there lacking the execution when it comes to paying and overall site feel and look. For the time being, I would not recommend Buzzsponge and would much more recommend anyone to my #1 recommendation.

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Don’t believe me? Well, why not try it out and see how you get on as it is free to sign up for. I’ll leave a review to my full review below.

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Have any of you guys heard or used Buzzsponge? Let me know what you guys think

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