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Wealthy Affiliates ‘Umbelievable’ Referral System VS Survey Site Referrals

In this post, I’ll be talking you through referrals and comparing gaining referrals with surveys sites compared to referrals on Wealthy Affiliate. Both ways are great ways to make money but offer different income potential opportunities.

Making money through referring other people can be a great way to build and create an income for yourselves. When I review a survey site I always pay attention to their affiliate program as they can give you the opportunity to make a passive income.

In this post ill be talking you through just how much money you can make through referring and the difference between survey sites and the highly popular business platform Wealthy Affiliate

Making Money Using WA Referral System

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that not only offers you an opportunity to make money online but refer people to the site in return for commisions using their referral system. Unlike survey sites, the pay isn’t a few dollars and you can make up to $23 per referral you refer, obviously, the more you refer the more you make.

Compared to survey sites the earning potential is much greater however its all about targeting the right audience that is interested in making their own business. The survey site audience often consists of those looking to make some extra online this is different to Wealthy Affiliate as the audience will be people interested in making a full-time income online by launching their own business.

Ill talk now on just how you can get started with Wealthy Affiliate and what their referral programs have to offer most survey and reward sites out there.

First things first you will need to create a WA account which is so easy and takes literally seconds!

<< You can make it right here:    >>


How does it work?

Wealthy affiliate provides you with the opportunity to make money by referring visitors to WA through your online business. For every referral who signs up for wealthy affiliate through your online businessyou get a commission, it’s that easy! There are so many people searching the internet nowadays, looking for opportunities to make money online. So as long as you build a good online business following the tips and tricks you learn at WA you will start to see those referrals roll in.

If your interested in finding out more about what Wealthy Affiliate I’ve made an in-depth full review here. This shows you each feature in depth and how exactly you can benefit from using this platform over others.

How do the commissions work?

When you sign up for WA there are different subscriptions offered to you, when you refer visitors you get a certain commission of the subscription they purchase at the site. Although not everyone you refer goes to premium with about only 12% ( 1 in 8 ) making that decision.

  • When a Referral successfully completes the sign-up process you will get 2 credits ($1)
  • First Month Free for New Members – (59% off = $15.99) – You will get $8
  • Sign up For Monthly Subscription – $49.99 – You will get $22.50
  • Sign up For Yearly Subscription – $359.99 – You will get $175

if you’re a starter member, however, you will earn only half, so for e.g instead of getting $22.50 for each monthly subscription, you will get $11.50, which is still pretty good!


Not only that you get a commission on all the purchases they make on WA. If they renewed their subscription either monthly or yearly you will keep getting commissions.

So if someone you referred was to stay at WA for 5 years you will earn a whopping $875


if you were to get 100 referrals you could be earning up to 2,250 grand, and it doesn’t stop there! 

The potential is that big!

Okay…. I may have made it sound so easy but in truth, it is as long as you commit and put the hours in it, anyone can succeed in any online business it just depends if you have the determination to make things work!

Affiliate Bootcamp – Your #1 Guide

download-9The affiliate boot camp course provided by WA is a great course on learning all you need to know. Kyle runs all 7 of the courses in the affiliate Bootcamp with the first one exclusively free to all free members. Basically, the idea of the 7 courses is to show you all the possible ways of promoting affiliate marketing, including blogging, Banners, Links and much more…

download-7Although you may think that’s not entirely amazing I have to admit when I first got introduced to WA I learned all the basics I needed to know to succeed in course 1. By going to premium, however, you ultimately have the full shebang of it all.


5 Must use ways to attract traffic to your site

if  you were to ask a blogger what they want for Christmas?

what do you think they would say?

More Targeted Traffic To Thier Site Please

Having good useful traffic is crucial in developing any site, and while it’s important to have traffic you need to know how to go about getting it.bloggers are always asking themselves the question of ‘what is the best way to get traffic to my website’

Bloggers are always asking themselves the question of ‘what is the best way to get traffic to my website’

Here ill be showing you 5 must use ways to attract traffic to your site…..

  1. The Use Of Social Media

The use of social media is one of the most consistent ways to get traffic out there.

By advertising on social media you are connecting with others and attracting other people to come check out your site.

Using social media is a great way as you are able to build online communities and groups specific to your niche so you are then able to attract people who are interested in your niche.

In my opinion, I would recommend these ones, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


2. Blog More 

Blogging more regularly is a good way to improve your traffic as it helps you to get better rankings and gain more trust with google.

By adding content more regularly you are more likely also to retain visitors as if they know that you upload often they will be more likely to return to your site.

When it comes to knowing how regularly you need to blog really depends on your niche, personally I like to upload a blog 3/4 times a week as I like to take time and provide good useful content for my visitors.


3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another method of getting referred traffic to your site.

This method can be very effective as it allows you to attract people who are interested in your niche to your site. To this method, you will need to find bloggers in your niche that would be happy with you posting on their site.

4. Mention other bloggers 

linking posts made by other bloggers is a great way to improve your traffic as the kind of like guest blogging it helps you to get visitors that go their site to come and check out your site.


An example of this:

The other day I was browsing the internet when I came across this interesting article from a well-known blogger called Neil Patel on traffic, in this, he mentions his effective strategies on how he goes about getting traffic.

5. Include Interesting content

Content is one of the main factors that determine whether you get good traffic, as without good interesting content it makes it very hard to retain any visitors.

You can make interesting content for your visitors no matter what your niche is!

When thinking of what to write you should put down whatever comes to your head at that moment and let it flow from there.

My biggest tip is to write concise content because then the reader is less likely to get bored and more likely to read all the way to the end



Thank you for reading my blog and I Hope you found it of use to you

feel free to leave a comment below:), If you want another part to this leave a comment and ill do another 5 must use ways to get traffic to your site

Want to blog like me for free? if you are interested in checking out wealthy affiliate and looking to create your own account with them for free check out the link for Wealthy affiliate

They are currently doing a 59% discount for new users wanting to upgrade to premium so definitely worth checking it out if you’re interested!

  Make sure to check out my post on my review of wealthy affiliate as well


How to Create your Own Website for Free?

Many may think that the process for creating your own website is complex and long winded, however, it is quite the opposite.

When you browse the Internet going from site to site you wIll notice that many sites out there especially the well-known ones are well designed and include a lot of big features within them.

the thing is though and this is what I tell to anyone who questions me on getting success through making your own website is that anyone can make their own website and gain success through it

There are a lot of sites out there that allow you to create your own website such as the likes of, weekly and others

However, in this post I’ll be showing you how you can make your own website entirely free through Wealthy Affiliate in just a couple of easy steps

Step 1 – Make an account with Wealthy Affiliate (Takes approximately 30 SECONDS!)

First things first you will need to sign up with an account at Wealthy affiliate which takes little to no time whatsoever



Step 2: What do your want your niche to be?

I’ve put choosing your niche as a step on its own as finding you perfect niche can take some time and research. So basically what your niche is the specific topic you want your website to be based on.

Before going into building your website what I would suggest and this is also what I did before going into building my website is brainstorming ideas down this is basically putting anything down that cone’s into your head as well as using the Internet to research other ideas.

Once you have your niche sorted you are now ready to move on to step 3….


Step 3 – Start the Course 1 of the online entrepreneur’s qualification

One thing you may notice when you first have a look around the site is the amount of information, online guides and tools available at your doorstep. Unless your planning on going straight into the site builder, I would suggest you start to make your way through Course 1.

Also throughout these lessons they will show you how to setup your own domain with hosting for FREE!


As you make your way through the course which is 10 lessons in total it will show you a step by step guide to setting your website up and will also hell you develop a beginners understanding of websites. By completing the 1st course you will by the end have the basic.


All the courses are made by co-owner Kyle who also helps run the side alongside Carson. In each lesson, Kyle also provides an in-depth video walkthrough of each lesson, which I found especially helpful for when I first started at the site.

Kyle and Carson decided to make the first course free to all members on the site, however, there are another 4 courses on the online entrepreneur’s qualification available for premium users to access which contains all the information you wI’ll need to master your site and take it to the next step. Although you don’t necessary need to upgrade to premium o get success with your website I do highly recommend you look into the premium memberships as there are many benefits available to you.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on how to create your own website

if you have queries or need help or anything feel free to leave a comment below:)

if you are interested in checking out wealthy affiliate and looking to create your own account with them for free check out the link for Wealthy affiliate

Top 5 Survey Sites That Payout Through PayPal

When it comes to making money online alot of people browse around at survey sites. For those of you who are new, i am a big fan of survey sites as they can be a great way to make extra cash through giving your opinion.

One of the biggest online payment methods out there that many survey sites use to pay out to their customers is PayPal. Its great when a survey site uses PayPal as this means you will be able to receive straight up cash.

As there is quite a high demand for this type of reward I’ve decided to bring to you a list of Top 5 Survey Sites that pay out via the popular PayPal

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks are probably one of the most heard of online rewarding sites that payout through PayPal.

Although Swag Bucks aren’t exactly dedicated entirely to surveys, they do have a good section on their site that includes Survey routers, Daily surveys as well as many other ways to earn

Swagbucks Sign Up Page

How Do They Pay-out?

PayPal, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others

How Much PayPal Money Do They Offer?

There PayPal rewards start at 825 SB which is $5; they go from $5 all the way up to $100 which is 16’000 SB.

(P.S they are currently having a sale on all gift cards at the moment so you should defiantly check it out while its on!)

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your PayPal Money?

it can take from 7 to 14 days from when you request to receive your reward

Best Ways To Reach The Lowest Payout?

 In this past when using the site, I have been able to get a payout within a couple of days.

I would suggest you check out their list of daily surveys as well as their cool video and game features. The video feature, particularly since you, can leave that on in the background and let the points start come into your SB account! Very Easy:)

2. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another good survey site that pays out through PayPal, although this site does have a high payout it more than makes up for it with its high-paying survey studies.

How Do They Pay-Out?

Vindale Research pays out through Paypal as soon as you reach $50 which may seem a lot but is very achievable

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your PayPal Money?

You can request a reward at the end of each month, and it takes 3 – 7 days to arrive.

Best Ways To Reach The Lowest Payout?

I’ve been using this site recently and have made several payouts within after a week of saving up.

On the site, I would suggest you keep an eye out for some of their high paying surveys that they release every other day that ranges anywhere between $5 to $20.

3. QuickRewards

Quickreward is a well-established site known for its no minimum PayPal cashout, on this site you can earn money from doing pretty much anything including surveys, offers and tasks.

How Do They Pay-out?

Their primary payout is through PayPal. However, they do also offer gift cards such as Amazon and Walmart

How Much PayPal Money Do They Offer?

There is no minimal threshold so you can withdraw your money from PayPal at any point, and there is also no maximum that you can withdraw.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your PayPal Money?

It typically takes 12 to 72 hours to receive your reward. But from my experiences with the site, I haven’t had to wait more than 12 hours.

Best Ways To Reach The Lowest Payout?

On Quickrewards to the fastest way to earn money is on the daily clicks and videos section as they offer anything from $0.01 up each.

Although if you were looking to make much more than that, I would suggest looking at their survey section, there are many unique ones on there!

4. Keep Rewarding

Keep rewarding is another good site that pays out well through PayPal, this site has been paying its members since they first came on the scene in 2012.

Keep Rewarding

How Do They Pay-Out?

Keep Rewarding payout through PayPal, Amazon and Walmart

How Much PayPal Money Do They Offer?

Unlike other sites that payout through PayPal, this site offers different currency payouts in USD, GBP, and CAD.

USD $1 PayPal – 110 Points

GBP £1 Paypal – 160 Points

CAD $1 Paypal – 110 Points

the cost of the rewards on the site are dependent on the current exchange rates


How Long Does It Take To Receive Your PayPal Money?

It takes 3 – 7 days to receive your PayPal money

Best Ways To Reach The Lowest Payout?

The best way I have been able to make 110 points is by going through the many offer walls they have on their site, there’s always good valued offers on each of the walls. Supersonic ads, Wannads, and Offer wall always have easy offers daily for you to complete!

5. Mintvine

Update May 2018: Mintvine have since changed thier name to Branded Surveys

My final survey site which I love to use is Mintvine; I’m always using this site to save up money so that I can withdraw for a PayPal payment.

How Do They Pay-Out?

Mintvine offers you a payout through PayPal as soon as you reach $10

How Much PayPal Money Do They Offer?

Anything from $10 up

How long Does It Take To Receive Your Paypal Money?

It takes 3 – 7 days to receive your reward

Best Ways To Reach The Lowest Payout?

You can do little things here and there from their daily polls that they offer at 5 points each to there Survey funnels that provide anything from $0.50 upwards.

3 Simple Tips to Qualify for Way More Surveys

Many have come up to me and asked the same question 'how do I qualify for more surveys'. Even in 2018 do people ask this and luckily I've got some great tips that will help you and still work to this day.

While some people tend to think that there's not much you can do when it comes to qualifying for surveys and that its the luck of the draw when trying to choose the right answers at the start of surveys to help you progress in the survey.

However, there are ways you can go about it and as a result significantly improve your chances of qualifying.

After tonnes of research and by putting these examples into practice several times I have been able to improve my survey rates drastically where before I was only getting into 1 or 2 ever days, but now it at least qualifying into a survey every other survey.

In this post, I will be talking you through 3 of the easiest tips that will help you qualify for way more surveys than you do at the moment.

1. Try Surveys At The Start Of The Week

For me this is the best tip that I can give you and has worked well for me. With most market research companies sending their surveys out at the start of the week, this makes it much easier to qualify for surveys.

I sometimes find that I can make more on a Monday or a Tuesday then the rest of the days all together just because there are so many more opportunities available. 

This works as because most surveys have certain quotas that once they reach a certain amount of people completing their surveys they stop it. So you have a much better chance of completing it when its first released then on the last day of the week.

2. Don't Rush Through!

There are have been countless times where I have been halfway through a survey and then been cut off because I misread a trick question.

Many surveys although not all of them like to put in various trick questions into their studies to catch people out. There are have been times where I have been rushing away through surveys and not known until I'd answered the question that I had chosen the wrong answer.

Some surveys will have these questions throughout, some at the start or at the end, just make sure to keep and eye out as companies try and catch you off guard to boot the survey takers that aren't paying attention.

3. Clear Cache and Browser Cookies

Another way to receive more surveys and increase your qualification rate is by clearing your cache and cookies. By doing this you are resetting your browser and anything stored on it.

After doing this simple tip you will find more invitations to surveys ready for you once you log back into your preferred survey site.

Thank you for reading my 3 Simple Tips to Qualify for Way More Surveys!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Had any success? Or even have your own tip that works for you?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

Cya Later Folks, Josh:)


How I Make Up To £25 ($30) A Day With little To No Effort!

In this post ill be showing you how you can earn a simple £50 a week and what I do to make that amount. After a lot of researching and some weeks figuring out which sites are so used and which ones decent I have finally got settled into this method, I use to get about £50 a day. I would like I only suggest any ways that I believe are achievable for you guys and after weeks of success, I just knew I needed to show you how brilliant it is.

When it comes to signing up for survey sites you want to know how you are going to earn the most money and resultantly be able to get paid out asap. Some survey sites overwhelm you with all sorts of ways to make money, where some ways on these sites are effective not all of them are.

For me, to make this amount every day I tend to use a handful of survey sites and go round each of them each day doing various things to get a certain sum of money each day. Of course on some days you don’t make the amount you were aiming for but then on others, you exceed the amount you expected to make, that’s just kind of how it goes.

Below ill show you the things I do each day to make that daily sum


Quickrewards (£5 – £7.50) – My first stop of is typically quick rewards, I tend to start by going through the survey routers and then I go and check through the latest offers and clicks for extra easy cash. Throughout the day I will do a couple of surveys every here and there about 5 to 8 value between 0.75 and 1.25. Also sometimes they also offer special daily surveys that are a high value for time. The other day there was survey worth 0.75 that was 5 minutes long.


MintvineMintvine Surveys (£10)– My second stop is at Mintvine, on Mintvine, I go through the survey funnels picking up points on just about every other survey that is offered to me. Some days it can be harder to reach the minimum payout, but usually, if I don’t quite make it by the end of the night, I would have it requested early next morning.

By using the site every day I catch up with the pending points for surveys this means that points are released from pending into my account nearly every day. From time to time mintvine even invite me to take part in independent studies within the region of $5 to $10 which is awesome!


Keep Rewarding (£5 – £7.50) – After that, I then go on to Keep Rewarding which is another awesome survey site where I pretty much do all sorts of things from surveys to watching videos.

On KR I first look at there Survey wall. On there it contains some high paying surveys, although the qualification rates are higher for these.

I regularly qualify for one or so now and then which pay out in the region of $3.50 to $5! next ill then checks through some of the survey routers before having a browse through the 28 offer walls to look for any good offers that aren’t too time costly.


Feel free to leave a comment on literally anything below:)

Got a Method you would like to share? Let me know how you get on with this method in the comments?

Let me know; I’d love to hear about them!

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day guys, Josh:)


6 Simple Ways To Make Money In Your Spare Time

In this article I’ll be going through some of the best ways to make money, whether waiting for a paycheck seems to far away or your just looking for a way to pass time but while making money. Then these ways that I’m going to be discussing with you could be the perfect ideas for you.

1. Selling on eBay

EBay is a great website for selling unwanted and unused items online that you no longer require. By selling your items on eBay not only are you getting rid of items that you no longer need you are also able to get some extra cash for all the items that you are selling on there.

2. Online survey sites

Completing online surveys is a great way to get money quick. Online sites are good for getting gift cards such as PayPal, Amazon, and much more. If you want to check out a list of the best survey sites from my experiences go to the best survey sites for making extra money page.

3. Starting up your own website

Making a website is a good way of making money, although one mistake people always make with this way is that they go into it thinking there going to make money easy and fast, this is where they are in fact wrong!

Going through with making the website and getting it to its full potential can be time-consuming and require a lot of energy in order to get anything out of it at the end.

The good thing about this way, however, Is that once you get into the flow of things it becomes much easier and more opportunities to make money online stem from that.

The site that I went with and that I highly recommend for any of you out there is a wealthy affiliate, this business will show you everything you need to know about the online marketing industry and how to properly set up a website.

I’ll be uploading a full review of wealthy affiliate for you guys within the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for that.

4. Mowing the lawn

If you looking to do a simple job that pays well with a reasonable amount of effort applied then mowing the lawn could be a good job for you.

Mowing the lawn is a good quick way of getting money for age and as long as you advertise your services well you will be able to spark interest from people.


By simply organizing a set of leaflets and posting them around your town will get you going and would help you promote yourself and start up your mini business.

5. A Part time job

A part-time job is one of the most common ways that people go about getting money in their spare time.

There are all types of part time jobs which are aimed at people ages 16+ who currently have the time to do so.

A part time job would be the perfect job if you are currently a student (16-21) as it offers you good money as well as a good set of work experience.

6. Becoming a Freelancer

Freelancing is an ever growing online industry where you can get money for offering your services online, these can be writing a blog, creating an advert, designing a website and the list goes on….

There are loads of people online looking for people to complete the simplest of tasks for them in return for a good sizable amount of money for their services.

One of the most popular and best-paying freelance websites out there would be a site called Fiverr.



I have stumbled across this site a fair few times and by the looks of it they seem to be a good genuine website and looks like the perfect way to earn money if you own good skills in any field, just by doing a simple task and getting a fiver for it, in my opinion, is totally worth looking into.





If you enjoyed the read and have any questions about anything feel free to leave a comment below:)

I’ll be uploading a further more parts to this blog in the future with more ways for you guys to look into

Josh 🙂

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