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Is My Freelance Paycheck A Scam? – A ‘Sneaky’ Company With Upsells?

Is My Freelance Paycheck A Scam

Ever thought about trading your time for money by writing if so you might want to learn more about a company called My Freelance Paycheck. My Freelance Paycheck claims to teach you all the skills you need to know for you to be able to freelance successfully. 

That sounds great, however do they actually teach or is it just a load of rubbish. That's a question that I was asking but since I have had chance to check them out and today I'll be giving you my honest opinions on them.

So Is My Freelance Paycheck a scam or a legitimate site to invest your time into. Make sure to read on until the end of this review to find out.

Now quickly before I get started...

Ever wondered what it would be like to make 4 figures every month passively. Well the platform I recommend teach you every step it takes to achieve that. If you want to learn more about them then make sure to check them out below.

My Freelance Paycheck Review Summary


What Are They?: Freelance Training Program

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

My Freelance Paycheck Home Page

What Is My Freelance Paycheck About?

If you are wondering My Freelance Paycheck is a company started up by someone called Laura Pennington. She claims that she can teach you within her training on how to freelance correctly and successfully. 

I took the time to look around the site and on their she does explain her story on how she escaped her 9 to 5 job to freelance. What is interesting and a ploy that I have noticed many of programs similar use is the word 'secret'.

The thing is the secret is that there is no secret in all truth. Laura was not the one to invent freelance writing and as you probably may or not know doing freelance tasks online as been around for ages. 

Sites such as Fiver are good examples where you can get paid one time fees to complete tasks such as content writing. So you can see already from the onset and before buying the product that there is a lot of hype.

To be honest though there is potential in online freelancing and for many people they make full-time incomes off it.

When I first started browsing 'making money online' in google, becoming a freelance writer was one of the first options that came up.

However you will be surprised by how competitive it is as there are so many people attempting to make money this way. One of the main reasons and why I considered it at one point is the rate of pay is quite high and you can get paid up to $200 for writing a piece of content.

However from what I found getting accepted was extremely difficult which is why I struggle to believe the hype already with My Freelance Paycheck.

Insert Image

How Exactly Doe's My Freelance Paycheck Work?

Laura offers a product that comes with different modules and training which you can use to learn more about Freelancing. Included with the product there are 4 things that come with it that consist of:

  • PDF of 165 pages on how to be a freelance writer (also comes with an audio version you can listen to instead)
  • 23 videos that take you through the process
  • Email Templates
  • Success Multiplier Book

The whole set comes up to $47 does carry some value as the strategies explained in the product will help you in the freelance world. However 

My Freelance Paycheck Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Actually Teaches You What You Need To Know

Whats a nice change from the scams that I have reviewed is that My Freelance Paycheck does actually teach you what you need to know in order to make an income writing content. 

Yes there are of course downsides like I will go on to mention in the cons below, however all in all the product on offer will help if this is an industry your interested in being apart of and does provides value.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Competitive Industry

The main problem with Freelancing is just how competitive it is, as I mentioned earlier when I was researching making money writing content I was shocked on how much money you could make. 

There were sites that would pay $50, $100, $200 for 1000 words. At the time this sounded like easy money however it was anything but.

I did apply for many of these sites however in most cases I never received a reply, that was probably because of the demand being so high.

Maybe if I had found Laura's training earlier I might have been able to apply certain aspects however that still doesen't change how it is quite hard still to write on a consistent basis for most sites out there.

2. Requires You To Invest

As with most programs online whether that be scam or legitimate you will need to spend money. Obviously if you do your research on a scam and find out they aren't all they make out to be then I would not recommend buying any of their products. 

With this company, yes you will need to spend $47, but if you are passionate about getting involved and follow whats been taught you will be able to make that back and more in the future through freelancing.

3. She Over Hypes A lot

Unfortunately as someone who is attempting to sell a product, Laura does over hype the product a lot on her website. She makes it sound so easy on how she went from making nothing to thousands of dollars just like that however its not that easy and with most things it requires plenty of work to make anything considerable. 

There's no doubting that Laura needed to put the effort in to get to the position she is now however shes does make the process seem way to easy and the word 'secret' is mentioned all the time with mmo products.

So Is My Freelance Paycheck A Scam?

My Freelance Paycheck gets the all clear from me as they aren't a scam and do teach you how to make money freelance writing.

Results won't appear over night however if you take action there could be potential to make money by writing online.

Just so you know I am in no way affiliated to My Freelance Paycheck and to be honest I do normally label these type of products a scam but in this case they do get my approval.

Want A Better Way To Make Money Writing?

Now while I still have you here I thought I would talk about another opportunity very similar to the one above that will also make you money online.

You can get paid to write about literally and it can be done by making your very own website. In fact this website is an example of one that generates income each month through regurly writing content. 

The content you write, the passion you choose to talk about is all up to you, but what every you choose you can make money with it. 

I'm bringing this review to a close here soon however if you like the sound of making your own money making website then check out my #1 recommendation here.

To echo this method also requires work, time and perseverance however is guaranteed to make you money

My 'Worth It' Rating

Do you think My Freelance Paycheck is a scam? 

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say! 🙂

Is Survey Money Machines A Scam Or Make $200/hr?

Is Survey Money Machines A Scam

So you are wondering whether Survey Money Machines is a scam or a genuine opportunity to make money with. 

Let me start by saying that completing surveys can be a good way to make money and most of the time it will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to do. However making a full time income is not possible with these kind of opportunities.

Obviously it does depend on what sites you use as not every survey site is legit, so its great that you are here so I can give you my honest opinion on this site.

Now quickly before I get started...

Before I get underway with the review if you are looking for a top notch survey site that pays well above any of the other sites I have tried then check out my recommendation below.

Survey Money Machines Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Survey Money Machines Main Page

What Is Survey Money Machines About?

Survey Money Machines is a website that shows you reputable survey sites for making money. They aren't a survey panel themselves but instead show you other sites out there where you can get paid for your opinions.

They are owned by someone called Hailey Gates, this is interesting as you don't normally find a specific person who owns the company. Most survey panels are run by other market research companys, but then again this one isn't a survey site.

I have tried out sites just like this one such as GetPaidSurveys and Survey Spotter which work the same. Again these companies don't pay you directly instead you will get paid when you complete the surveys with their partners.

Your probably also wondering what is the point of the site if all they do is refer you to other sites. The site does affiliate marketing so when someone clicks on one of their links they will receive a commission.

As you can tell already the site is quite useless and is essentially just a sales funnel set up for the company to make money.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

As I have mentioned you will be able to start making money once you have clicked on the links to the other survey sites they recommend. 

Once you have signed up to these panels you will start receiving invites to surveys which you will be able to complete in exchange for rewards. By completing surveys you will be earning points that can then be used to redeem gift cards and cash.

The Survey Money Machines Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Shows You Legitimate Survey Sites

If there's one thing that I noticed that is good is the survey sites they recommend are legit and don't cost any money to sign up for. Which means you can sign up to them and try them without losing money. 

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Over Hype A Lot

As you can probably tell from the first page they do hype it up a lot and make it seem like a must use way to make money. If you look at the testimonials on the side some of them say how they are earning $200 a hour. 

Its worth saying that making that amount of money in this industry is unheard off, in fact I would go as far as saying its impossible. You can make extra cash of course and you could make around $500+ a month if you join some of top ones but making 3 digits a hour is not possible.

2. Very Easy Way To Make Money?

Following on from the last point the messege it seems they are trying to tell you is that you can make very easy money completing surveys.

Now if you have tried survey sites before you will probably recall that at times it can be quite stressful. Whether that is getting disqualified mid way through a survey or just not having that many opportunities available to you.

The point I'm making is that survey sites will earn you some extra cash but you can't go in with the mentality of making $5 an hour as admittedly you will lose time because you aren't a fit for certain types of surveys.

That's just how the industry is as market researchers are looking for certain demographics and insights on their products and services.

Is Survey Money Machines A Scam?

No, Survey Money Machines isn't a scam however they aren't much use to you.

They do show you survey sites that are legit however what you could do instead is type survey sites into google and you would find a whole host of them appear.

So you don't have to give away your email for a secret list of panels like they claim here.

If you want to skip that site and check out some survey panels that I have had success with over the years and made some extra cash in my spare time then check out this top rated survey sites list here.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Survey Money Machines? Have you had any experiences with them?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

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Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam Or Automated Cash Machine?

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam

If your looking to make money online then you may have come across a system called Easy Retired Millionaire. However is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam or can you generate thousands of dollars with the click of a button.

I'll start by saying that I have tried many programs just like this one in the past most of which claim that you can make a lot of money.

Sure it sounds good making x amount a day however most of them do unfortunately end in the category of the scams.

I will be bringing you today my honest take on the site and will be delving deeper to find out what exactly they are all about so make sure to read until the end of this review.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate platform to make money where all you need is a website and a interest in order to make a 4+ figure income a month then check out my recommendation below

Easy Retired Millionaire Review Summary


What Are They?: MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Easy Retired Millionaire Main Page

What Is Easy Retired Millionaire 

So to give you a quick low down on them the Easy Retired Millionaire is a program set up by business owners to help you make money online on auto. This is what they claim.

This is an automation service that they have put together where all you need to do is buy the product and you will keep on earning into the foreseeable future. 

Easy Retired Millionaire Making Money

I have tried out many types of platforms for making money in the past and any method that is claimed to run on automation for then certainly ends up being a scam. 

Easy Retired Millionaire Review

​Getting Started

The product costs $47 however comes with various up sells which is a familiar theme with these kind of platforms, as they often try and squeeze every cent out of you.

I started to watch the video and what the guy was saying was you will be given an account which they will be putting money into it.

To add to that he even said that the account as already been made for you and all you need to do is go through with the process. He mentions how by the time the video is over it will be made for you as you can see in the image below.

Easy Retired Millionaire Creating An Account

With the video being pre-recorded and not being live it makes me wonder how as an account already been made for 'me'. That does sound quite dodgy to me.

This is confusing for me as you can't just make money online by someone putting money in an account for you. That's just not how it works.

So already my suspicions were there 2 minutes into the video as that doesn't make sense, with the idea of you basically receiving unlimited money for $47.

The Easy Retired Millionaire Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

Offers Some Training

By purchasing the program they say that you will get some training which for once is true and you will receive.

However on top of the initial $47 you will need to keep on spending more money on new products and to get more training with the up sells.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

They Contradict Themselves

One thing I can't work out is how when you watch the video they are so adamant that you will start earning money and that you must buy their product.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see in small print that they put there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Easy Retired Millionaire No Guarantee

So despite saying you can make money easily from 12 clicks and that 'their system will take care of everything'. This is in fact all lies as their is no guarantee you will make money, this for me is a huge red flag.

An Account Made Already For You

First things first it is not possible for an account to be made for you as the video is not live.

He claims at the start that while your watching it he is in the process of setting up for you but how can that be possible when it is pre recorded.

This is a strategy used trying to get you hyped up into thinking that once you have spent your money you will just start making loads of money as simple as that.

However that is not how it works again and this is another sign that they are scam.

Fake Testimonials

When your interested in buying products it can be useful to hear what other people have to say. This is a good way to find out how other people are getting on.

In this case they do use testimonals although the usefulness of them is not alot as they are fake and the company as brought gigs on Fiver for people to say positive things about them.

These people which you can call actors have never tried or used the product. So all the money they have so called made is a lie, they just have scripts which tell them what to say.

No Explanation On How It Works

Too make sure I wouldn't hate myself like they put above the video I did watch until the end. 

However while watching it I was waiting for the actual explanation of how it works. I didn't hear anything the explained the process. 

All he goes on about is how he can make all these magical accounts and how he can just put money into it, but there is no logic or formula being explained. Money doesn't just come out of fresh air so its definitely suspicious how that's not mentioned.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam?

If it isn't clear already Easy Retired Millionaire is not legit and I don't recommend them.

While the name of the company is misleading and claims straight of the bat you cant become a millionaire easily it is however anything but with this program as that's BS!

There's no actual proof that you can make money and the business model they propose to you sounds so dodgy it's not worth the $47 gamble.

My Alternative To Easy Retired Millionaire

It is possible to make money online however it does take time and effort to do so, which is why Easy Retired Millionaire is so easily a scam.

You can't just make money instantly without doing anything it simply don't work like that.

However I'm sure many of you are eager to learn how to genuinely make money online hence why your here. 

The program I recommend which is top in my list shows you how to make a full-time income online using just a passion/interest of yours.

If you would like to learn more on how it works you can check them out here.

My 'Worth It' Rating

Is Easy Retired Millionaire A Scam or Do You Think They Are Legit?

Be sure to let me know what you have to say by leaving a comment down below 🙂

Rewards Buck Review – Make Money Doing Simple Tasks On Your Phone?

Rewards Buck Review

Today I'll be bringing your way a Rewards Buck Review. I recently stumbled across this site while browsing ways to make money on my phone and this one seems to be another site that offer opportunities for you to make money online.

Whats interesting about this one is the fact it is a rewards site but is fully compatible on mobile and even laid out so that you can make money on your phone as well.

I have tried out many making money apps/sites and a good amount of them do offer solid way's to make a few extra dollars. For instance PrizeRebel and Swagbucks are two good examples of ones I have tried. 

Anyway in this Rewards Buck Review I'll be talking you through how exactly the app works, whether they are legit or a scam and to sum it up whether or not they are worth your time and effort.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you came to this review looking for a solution to making a consistent income each month I have to say straight off that the earning potential is limited with Reward Bucks.

Instead I would recommend this rewards site that while offer the same kind of opportunities, offer more of them and pay out much better. Feel free to check them out if your interested by clicking the button below!

Rewards Buck Review Summary


What Are They?: Making Money App

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 2/5

Rewards Buck Main Page

What Is Rewards Buck

Reward Bucks is a fairly new site that offers opportunities for you to make money by doing things such as completing surveys, doing offers and downloading apps.

How it works is quite simple and easy to get your head around as for every task you complete you will receive points in the app currency called 'Reward Bucks' (RB) which can then be used towards redeeming rewards such as getting gift cards. They do however have minimum thresholds and certain rewards available so I will explain how this works later.

How Rewards Buck Works

​Getting Started

First you will need to sign up at the website in order to start earning, you can sign up using your email address or by using your Facebook account. The registration is easy to set up and took me 1 minute to complete.

You do get 100 reward bucks for free when you join which equals $1 which helps towards reaching your first payout. However you will need $10 to withdraw and get your first reward

​How Do You Start Making Money?

Once you have signed up you will be taken to a dashboard containing different types of opportunities to make money.

The site does also appear to be a mobile version and you will find different types of offers as you scroll down the page. If you click on the 3 lines in the top right corner you can go to pages such as your account and the reward selection page.

From what I saw after registering most of the offers were to do with purchasing, so in order to get points I would need to purchase a special offer or do a trial. They do claim you can get paid to take surveys and download apps however I found none in my dashboard.

The opportunities available to you are quite limited to you which could be an issue as their doesn't seem to be a great potential for you to make money. As you can see from the screenshot below of what I had in my account, there was only a handful of tasks I could do to earn points.

Rewards Buck Limited Opportunities

I probably won't be using this site mainly for the lack of ways to earn but also because for me anyway from what I can complete in order to make money I would need to put in money or put in my card details for an offer in order to get money back.

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

If you are able to reach the minimum threshold of 1000 RB ($10) you will have the choice of different US gift cards. Unfortunately they don't offer any cash payouts such as PayPal or Cheque which is a shame as you can't receive straight up money for your efforts.

These consist of Visa, BestBuy, Walmart, Amazon, Target, IHop and Gamestop. These rewards cost and range from $10 - $100. You can expect to receive these within 7 days of request.

Rewards Buck Payouts


Earnings Potential Is Limited

With the opportunities I spoke about earlier you will find that what is avialable to you as a member is not great. In fact unless you are going to invest your time in paid offers that do pay well, it will be hard to reach that minimum threshold even with the $1 bonus they give you at the start.

No Referral Program

As you can probably tell already with the opportunities on offer you will struggle to make anything to be honest. Something that I am a big fan of are referral systems where you can get paid to simple invite others, however this isn't in function here, so earning is limited.

One of the main reasons why it can be so good to have one at your disposal. Mainly because if you do ever run out of tasks to complete, you can always invite people and get paid. It also proves to be a great way to make a passive income since once you have done the hard work the income continues to come in.

No PayPal/Cheque Option

I know many of you when you think of earning cash online are thinking about actual money but with Reward Bucks there is no option to receive your earnings by cash.

Sure, gift cards are good in their own right as you can use them to get free stuff at many retailers however it won't go towards paying the bills.

If you are looking for rewards sites that will make you money but also pay you cash instead then top 5 rated survey sites that payout via PayPal.

The Reward Bucks Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Is legit and genuine site to make money

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Only for US residents only
  • close
    Opportunities are limited
  • close
    No cash payout option

Is Reward Bucks Legit?

Reward Bucks is legit and does offer a way for you to make money doing simple tasks, however I wouldn't recommend them as the amount of opportunities offered are very limited so earning enough for a few gift cards here could be hard to do.

When there are reward sites out there already that offer the same opportunities and more it is easy for me to recommend them ones over this one as your earning potential is better.

If you want to find some reward sites to make money with then I recommend you check out this top rated reward site list I have put together.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Reward Bucks? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

Receipt Hog Review – Is Receipt Hog Legit Or A Scam?

Receipt Hog Review

Keeping hold of receipts can be quite important especially if you change your mind on items or just simply have a problem with your purchase.

Interestingly though I have found other uses for your receipts that can help you gain some kind of cashback and help you save money.

In this Receipt Hog Review I'll be looking at an app that claims to help you make money by using your recipts that you get from shopping.

If your looking to find out more about them, whether they are legit or a scam and finally a genuine opportunity to make money then your in the right place.

Now quickly before I get started...

Not interested in cashback apps/sites and would rather check out an opportunity that can help you make a part time income online then check out my #1 recommendation below.

You can get paid to do things such as surveys, offers, referring friends, watching videos and much more. It's quite simple really!

Receipt Hog Review Summary


What Are They?: Cashback App

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

Receipt Hog Main Page

What Is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is an app that gives you the opportunity to earn cashback from your shopping. By simply uploading pictures of your receipts on the app you will get coins that can be later swapped for money.

They are part of market research company that is seeking to find out how shoppers shop, so when you shop they get to learn more about the consumers.

Your probably wondering where all the money comes from and how they can afford to pay you for receipts. This is because they get paid by other companies so that they can reward you.

​Getting Started

Currently at the moment because of how popular the app is you now have to request to join. Once you have downloaded the app you will need to send of a request to Receipt Hog which they will then either confirm of deny.

You can sign up using either just an email or your Facebook account. They are also exclusive to only america as well.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

In order to start making money its quite easy and taking you have been accepted the first thing you will need to do is go shopping.

Receipt Hog say you can shop anywhere however there are some purchases that they class as non reward able meaning you won't get paid for it. 

However if your to shop at places like Walmart, eat at McDonalds they will count and you will get points once you have sent of a copy of your reciept.

It is slightly detailed on what counts and what doesn't so I'll go over now what categorys are supported.

Receipts That Pay Out consist of:

  • Supermarkets 
  • Shops
  • Health, Drug And Pharmacy Shops
  • Liquor and Newsagents
  • Beauty and Pet Supply
  • Toy Shops

Not all Receipts will pay coins and others that are still reward able in the fact you get spins on their hog wheel and entries into the sweepstake's consist of (to name a few):

  • Department Stores
  • Electronics
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Sports and Outdoors

The other type of reciepts they do accept are petrol stations and food outlets however these will only get you into sweepstakes. 

Do they do also mention how they do disapprove receipts because they weren't able to get all the data that was required from the purchase. For e.g things like if the photo is blurry, the store name doesn't appear or if you have already uploaded that receipt and they have collected it you will probably be dissaproved.

You will find most of the guidelines on the site and if follow them they mention there should be no problems.

The other opportunities available consist of short surveys and earning rewards from their hog wheel, these are gained from submitting receipts for spin only shops.

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

You can request a payment once you have reached 1000 coins which is the equivalent to $10. You have the choice between either PayPal or Amazon.

In order to get a payment you must complete a short survey and then validate both your device and email address.

The Receipt Hog Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    A great way to get cashback from shopping
  • check
    Supports most types of shops
  • check
    Pays out through PayPal
  • check
    As a low threshold that is easy to reach

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Have to request to sign up

Is Receipt Hog Legit?

Receipt Hog is legit and does pay out. To be honest I'm not normally fond of these kind of apps however in this case I have given them a good worth it rating as I am pleasantly surprised by how much Receipt Hog actually as to offer.

I have tried and reviewed apps in the past such as Ibotta that are still good but don't cover all types of reciepts which is why this one stands out as you can shop almost anywhere and get paid for it. The bonus that you can also recieve cash in the form of PayPal is also great.

I do recommend Receipt Hog as they do offer a genuine opportunity to make money so feel free to check them out.

If you are looking to make money without spending in the first place then I would recommend you check out this top rated reward sites of 2018 list I made. I have been using many of those sites to earn an extra $500+ a month so feel free to check them out.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Reciept Hog? Have you used them before and had any success?

If so do make sure to leave a comment down below telling about your experiences 🙂

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What Is CashCrate About? – Make An Easy $20+ A Day?

What Is CashCrate About

So what is Cashcrate about? Cashcrate is a long serving Survey site that has been paying its members for completing surveys and offers on the place since 2007.

People have asked me what is Cashcrate about, but I wasn’t able to say much on them as I was unknown to them

If your looking to find out what they are about, whether you can make any money and most importantly whether or not they are legit then you are in the right place. ​

I decided to go and try out the website myself and have had a play with most of the features on the site over the last couple of weeks to bring this CashCrate review to you guys.

Here I’ll be giving you the full run down of them and how you can earn money on the site.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate survey site that pays well, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them!

CashCrate Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 3/5

CashCrate Main Page

What Is CashCrate About?

Cashcrate is for anyone above the age of 13 is eligible to join the site, although the site is available to anyone.

However, the majority of offers are mostly available to US and UK speaking countries.

​Getting Started

The sign up process is very simple for this site, you will need to enter your name and email to sign up.

The final step is to go to your email to then confirm that that is your email address and that is you done.

CashCrate Registration

​How Do You Start Making Money?


One of the best ways to make money is by taking advantage of the offers they have on the site.

The offers do pay well, but the only problem is that they don’t update them regularly enough so some days you do find that you run out of offers to complete.

The offers are split into two, the paid offers and the free offers.

The paid offers generally pay a lot better than the free offers but require you to either enter your credit card details or purchase something.

The free offers, however, don’t require any purchase but usually pay less than the paid ones.

CashCrate Offers


Surveys are another way to earn on the site, in this feature on the site you will find a mixture between their surveys and survey routers.

The survey routers tend to pay the usual ranging from around $0.75 to $1.00.

Their surveys, however, pay from $0.10 upwards. I tend to stay away from the ones that pay lower than $0.75 as there just not worth your time and effort.

CashCrate Surveys


The online shopping feature to the site allows you to get cashback on online stores that you purchase goods at.

I like this kind of features as there quite a cool way to make money. Shopping online is something I do anyway so its just a bonus if you can get paid for it. 


Out of all the features, this one’s probably my favourite of them all.

Cash crate has a great referral system that allows you to get 20% of all your referrals earnings plus an extra 10% of your referrals.

Not only that but you then get $3 every time your referrals earn $10. Let’s say your referral earns $100; you would get a $30!

CashCrate Referral Program

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

You can request a Paypal payment as soon as you reach £20. This one’s fairly similar to toluna in the fact it has a very high minimum payout. This one better compared to Toluna’s £35 minimum in my opinion as there are also much more opportunity to make money.

When Does Cashcrate Payout?

They Payout through Paypal on the 20th of the following month. If you requested a payout in March, you would get paid on the 20th in April.

CashCrate Complaints

High Minimum Threshold

With the limited opportunities on offer trying to reach $35 in order to get paid will be a slow process and take you time to reach.

Compared to other sites such as PrizeRebel and Swagbucks where the minimum threshold is as low as $1, that is a big difference one of the reasons I tend to stick with the latter sites because getting paid out is much easier.

There are many reasons why I don't like sites with high thresholds, first one being if the panel is shut down more likely or not you won't recieve a payout.

So imagine you made $30 and was so close to the threshold but then the panel closed down. It is unlikely has Cashcrate is established however it could happen and all that hard work would of gone to nothing.

The second reason why and this one is obvious is the fact it could take you 2/3 months or more before you actually have enough to withdraw.

Don't forget apart from the referral program opportunities are limited so it will be time consuming and take many survey completions.

Rewards Take Too Long To Process

As stated in thier terms and conditions payments can take as long as 4 weeks to process. That is a lengthy spell of time and a lot slower than many of its existing competitors.

While many people wouldn't mind waiting that along there are still many panels that I have tried and tested that pay as quick as instantly. Sites such as SuperPayMe and Rewarding Ways send out instant pays out to PayPal which is cool and one of the reasons why I use them to get quick cash from time to time.

The CashCrate Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    High paying referral system
  • check
    Offers pay well
  • check
    Established and legitimate site

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Can take up to 4 weeks for rewards to be processed
  • close
    Cashout is very high
  • close
    Tendency to close accounts randomly

So Is CashCrate A Scam?

No, CashCrate is not a scam and is a legitimate site to earn rewards with.

I wouldn’t say it is the most efficient reward site out there to make money and most of that goes down to the fact the minimum cash out is considerably high. 

If you do choose to use this site I would recommend I would say it just below the level of some of my favourite sites which are still pretty good.

Not Keen On Surveys?

Cashcrate is a okay site to use to earn rewards, especially with its referral system which will offer a long term source of income if you manage to gain enough referrals.

However what I recommend to anyone looking to make more than just a few cents is Affiliate Marketing as it allows you to make a consistent full-time income from the comfort of your own home.

The idea is that you pick a topic/niche, create your own website around it and then attract a audience to your site. 

Platform I use is called Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you how to make an online business and then how to start making revenue ( Full-Time Income!).

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to CashCrate? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

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Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam – Or Can You Make Hundreds Of £’s?

Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam

Apparently you can make up to £50 a survey completing surveys, that's what Paid Surveys UK seems to claim. Well in that case I better sign up and you should to as it sounds like its a very easy way to make money.

Unfortunately some things seem to good to be true and that's something I found with this site.

Yes you can make money completing surveys in fact there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world completing surveys right now and it can be an easy way to generate an income online.

Many of you are probably wondering is Paid Surveys UK a scam or can you actually make good money using the site.

There are many sites like this one around the internet that set high expectations for the industry when in reality the payouts are a lot lower. 

Without further ado let me teach you more about Paid Surveys UK and why they aren't all they initially come across as being.

But very quickly before I get started...

I know I was going to start the review and tell you whether or not they are legit but to save your time and hopefully help you make money starting today I wanted to recommend a survey site that I have had a lot of success with over the years.

The #1 recommendation I have for you offers plenty of ways to make money including completing surveys, watching videos, doing offers/tasks, shopping online and more.

So feel free to check them out if you are interested in making extra cash online.

Paid Surveys UK Review Summary


What Are They?: Site That Promotes Survey Sites

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

Is Paid Surveys UK Main Page

What Is Paid Surveys UK?

Paid Surveys UK isn't exactly a survey site of such instead they show you and promote other survey sites to you that you can start making money completing surveys. Basically it's a site set up to show you survey sites in the industry that pay out.

If you have heard of sites like Top10bestpaidsurveys, Survey Spotter and GetPaidSurveys, you will find that they are all very similar.

This site as been in operation for 13 years ever since 2005 and are owned by Affility Media Inc which are a UK based company.

They are also interestingly owned by the same company that function of Survey Police, to be honest I'm not that surprised. While Survey Police is a established site that shows you hundreds of sites that offer ways for you to earn money from your opinions. I did find they do over hype sites that have bad reviews but despite that they still recommend them.

If you have checked out the site before this review you would of found that it is scattered with links, these are affiliate links that make them money every time someones clicks on them and joins the survey site they recommend.

How Do You Start Making Money?

On the site you will find guides and lists of survey sites to join with and start making money. If you want to earn PayPal cash there is a list of survey sites that do that, as well there are other lists.

In order to actually start making money you will need to sign up with the sites by clicking the join now buttons. Alternatively you can type the sites into Google and sign up that way.

Once you are then signed you, you should be able to start taking surveys and receive invites. These are from the survey companies themselves not Paid Surveys UK.

How Much Can You Earn?

They say you can get paid up to £50 however with the sites on offer it does depend from site it site as some pay out more than others.

From looking at whats available and what they are promoting I wouldn't expect to make any more than £5 a survey. Then again that is quite high and most surveys that I have taken pay out £0.50-£2 a survey, so that's a good guideline to go around.

One thing to understand when it comes to taking surveys is that making tons of money isn't possible and that goes for the industry in whole.

You can make extra cash however up to £500+ in fact with this site I like to use, however any site promising more than that is more than likely a scam.


Recommending Average Panels...

Either the list is old or they are recommending survey sites that are just poor and don't pay out well. Their are a few on the list that could be worth checking out but for the most part the surveys they promote are garbage in my opinions.

Two on that list in particularly are Toluna and Ipsos which I have tried out for myself and I found myself quitting the both as earning money was to hard and stressful.

This is one of the reasons why I raise an eyebrow with these kind of sites as most of the just aren't great and you will find many rumours to back that up. It's either they are recommending them because they have a good relationship with the company's or they really believe you can make money using the site. It's up to you which one you think...

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Going from there FAQ's they mention how you can make plenty of money just completing surveys and at one point they say you can make up to £50 a survey. 

Well I would love to see a screenshot of a £50 payout as you just don't get offered them, especially at the survey sites they promote. In fact to an extent 

The Paid Surveys UK Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate and don't charge you
  • check
    Promote survey sites that mostly pay out
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Still a sales funnel that makes them money
  • close
    Some of the sites have shut down which shows that it isn't updated regularly 
  • close
    Lack of support

So Is Paid Surveys UK A Scam?

Well Paid Surveys UK is legit however they are quite pointless.

What I do like however compared to similar sites is that they do talk about the survey sites and show you what they have to offer instead of just shoving links in your face.

Apart from that I don't really see that much wrong with them so feel free to check them out and maybe you might find a survey site that is for you.

I will slightly contradict myself and like I mentioned a good chunk of them I have tried and found to be poor. 

Instead I would recommend checking out #1 recommendation that I have tried and been paid numerous times by.

They are a level above the other survey sites I have tried out and it's clear why as they offer a lot of opportunities for you to make money from home

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Get Paid Surveys UK? 

I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say so make sure to leave a comment below 🙂

Is UK Mystery Shopper A Scam – Get £100 To Shop For Free?

Is UK Mystery Shopper A Scam

I have heard many things about mystery shopping some being good and the others being bad. Personally I have never tried it out but after stumbling across UK Mystery Shopper I decided to check them out to see if you can actually get paid to shop at your favourite stores.

For those of you who are wondering is UK Mystery Shopper a scam I'll answer and get more in to this as we go though this review. 

There does seem to be a lot of hate for the company and I'll go over just why that is shortly, however that does go for the Mystery Shopping industry.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a site that offers great opportunities to earn as simple as just watching TV and playing games then you will enjoy my #1 recommendation. They are one of the best GPT sites I have tried in the past few years, so feel free to check them out. 

UK Mystery Shopping Review Summary


What Are They?: Shopping Testers

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

UK Mystery Shopper Main Page

What Is UK Mystery Shopping?

UK Mystery Shopper is a site launched back in 2013 that pays people to shop at their favourite stores. They are currently only available to shoppers in the UK and Australia.

They claim to work with retailers such as PrettyLitteThing, TheEntertainer, Smyths, Pandora Gymshark, Costa, Whsmiths and more.

On the main page there is a green button saying more choices and if you click on lots of shops will appear so it does appear as though they work with many.

How Does It Work?

How it works is that you are signing up in order to be sent various vouchers. In order to do that you need to register and then choose out of all the stores which one you would like to shop at. 

They then claim that once you have done that successfully they will consider your application and contact you if chosen. 

While you would think it's hard to get accepted you would be right as in fact nobody seems to get these mystery shopping vouchers.

From all the reviews I've read and the people I've spoken to and tried it doesn't seem like there is one positive experience. 

This is quite a concern and shows that this site isn't all that it looks, which at first glance is great.

If you follow the news you will find that there are many scams out there tricking people and making people believe they can get free vouchers when its all a total lie.

That's one of the main reasons why this industry is frowned upon however there are legit sites that offer these opportunities such as UserTesting and Product Testing USA that are both legitimate.

The problem with this site and while I have explained how they work the thing it seems nobody as received any vouchers or proper communication. Instead many people have reported that they have only received dozens of spam which is only going to be frowned upon.


Floods of spam...

No one likes getting spammed and that's me included but for shoppers hoping to simply receive goodies instead seem to just get their inbox's filled with spam. Whats odd is the spam as no relevance to the actual shops people have applied for but instead are promotional offers for their partners.

Fake Opportunities

Many of the shops they claim to work with it turns out that they don't. In fact the opportunity of getting paid to shop isn't real. It was back a few years ago where Primark which funnily enough is one of the sites partnered here had problems with free £100 vouchers all over social media. 

The UK Mystery Shoppers Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Free to join

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    You get tons of spam
  • close
    Not legitimate
  • close
    Many bad complaints and feedback

Is UK Mystery Shopper A Scam?

If it isn't obvious already UK Mystery Shopper is a scam that doesn't offer the opportunities they claim to. With many complaints and people having issues with the company I wouldn't give them the time of day.

This does bring this industry down as while testing is still good. Mystery shopping is a rough area as there are many just like UK Mystery Shopper. You just have to look up reviews in google and you will find many scam's.

For those of you who were hoping for a legitimate opportunity to get involved in you won't find one here. If you want to make some extra cash by doing simple tasks such as completing surveys, tasks, watching TV and more I would recommend you check out these top rated extra income sites I use.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to UK Mystery Shopping? Had any experiences with them you would like to share?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below 🙂

SurveyAllStars Review – Legitimate Survey Site To Earn Money?

SurveyAllStars Review

I have had a few people come up to me wondering whether or not SurveyAllStars is legit or not so I thought I'd check them out for myself. In this SurveyAllStars Review I'll be taking you through everything you need know about them.

From initial impression they don't exactly look like a survey site that offers genuine opportunities to make money like they initially come across to.

As I'm guessing your here to find out more about them then hopefully this post helps you answer any questions that you may have.

Now quickly before I get started...

I'll cut to the chase and tell you that SurveyAllStars don't actually pay out or even offer opportunities to earn money, but I'll go more over that in this review. 

For the time being and if you want to skip the next 5 minutes talking about a pointless site I would rather save your time by showing you a survey site that does pay and will benefit you.

Click below to read my full review of my #1 recommendation and how you can get started completely free.

SurveyAllStars Review Summary


What Are They?: Site That Promotes Survey Sites

Verdict: Scam

My Worth It Rating: 1/5

SurveyAllStars Logo

What Is SurveyAllStars?

Initially they do look like a survey site however they are a company recruiting members for the businesses they are partnered with them. In the end they are a lot like similar sites that have sales funnels in place such as Top10bestpaidsurveys and Survey Spotter

So instead of making money directly with the survey site like normal such as ones like Swagbucks and Prizerebel they simply refer you else where. 

If you look around the internet you will find very similar sites scattered around that have pretty much the same concept in that you are shown sites elsewhere that you can make money with.

The difference here is that every time someone signs up to one of the sites they feature their partners pay them, so its basically a sales funnel set up to help them gain.

​Getting Started

When you first come across the site you won't find a great deal of background info on SurveyAllStars instead you are greeted by a registration form which they advise you to go through in order to sign up to them.

The FAQ's themselves are quite misleading as they state you are signing up for a membership and that all you need to in order to become a member is fill in the details.

You aren't creating a membership with them which is where the confusion is, instead you are signing up for their newsletter. That's one of the reasons I don't like sites like this one as they make it so misleading, where someone would sign up thinking that they will be completing surveys at SurveysAllStars themselves.

The only reason they want you to do that is so they can spam you with emails full of promotions, not good ones by the way.

You may be thinking especially if you have checked them out before looking at this review that you are joining the actual site. That's not the case however as you are signing up to their email newsletter where they continue to send promotions and offers to do with other survey sites for you to join.

Again every time you sign up to one of the sites they recommenced they will receive a commission for that action, this is also known as CPA in the internet marketing world.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

You will be able to make money with some of the survey sites they recommend but just to make it clear you won't be making money with SurveyAllStars. 

Some of the survey sites they do recommend are legit such as Swagbucks and VipVoice which I have checked out and do use the latter for myself.

By joining them sites you will be able to make money doing things such as completing surveys, but after you have gone through the funnel the relationship is between you and the survey site.

If you do have issues with one of the survey sites you will need to contact the survey site you've joined themselves not SurveyAllStars as they have no involvement with them apart from referring you in the first place.

The SurveyAllStars Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Free to sign up for

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Offers no value to anybody
  • close
    Funnel set up just to make the owners money not to help people make money online completing surveys
  • close
    No details on the owners

Is SurveysAllStars Legit?

SurveysAllStar may be legit in the sense that they aren't selling you services or trying to con you of such but there is still no real use to the site.

I mean feel free to try them for yourselves as you won't have to buy anything but you will probably get a whole host of spam through your inbox. This is why I wouldn't recommend them.

The thing I don't like is that they try to come across as a company trying to help people make money through completing surveys.

Although is almost the opposite and all they care about is getting people to sign up for sites in return for commissions.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to my SurveyAllStars Review? Do you see any using their website?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

Irish Opinions Review – What Is Irish Opinions About?

Irish Opinions Review

Today I'll be bringing to you a Irish Opinions Review where I will be taking a closer look at the survey panel to see if they are a legitimate and worthwhile opportunity to make money from home. 

Completing surveys is a fairly big way to make money online and many sites out there offer ways for your average joe to get paid for simply giving out their opinions.

Not every site out there pays which is something I have learned over the years, but anyway today I will hopefully be answering your questions on Irish Opinions.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you aren't Irish or just simply looking for a survey site that pays out then I would highly recommend this site.

I have been using this survey sites for many years and they offer plenty of opportunities to make money. You can check them out by clicking on the banner below.

Irish Opinions Review Summary


What Are They?: Survey Panel

Verdict: Legit

My Worth It Rating: 4/5

Irish Opinions Main Page

What Is Irish Opinions?

Irish Opinions is a Ireland targeted survey panel that offers opportunity's for you to make money by completing surveys.

They are owned by a company called Research Now which is a large market research company.

​Getting Started

Creating an account getting going with the panel is simple should take you a few minutes to complete. You will want to make sure that your profile is completely filled out as this will maximise the amount of surveys you will receive.

Just make sure to follow the guidelines, in order to become a member you do need to be over 18 years of age and be an Irish resident.

​How Do You Start Making Money?

When you are a member of Irish Opinions you will be invited to take part in surveys. When you complete these you will earn real cash.

When you get invited to surveys you will be told just how long it will take and the topic it is based on, so you have an idea of what your getting into.

I know many sites adopt a site currency which you will use to redeem rewards and also receive for completing surveys but for Irish Opinions you will get Euros.

They do say they reward between €1 and €2 normally for completing surveys, these can range up to €5 at times. Looking at members feedback it seems the range is €0.75 to €5 a survey which are good rates.

Something I picked up on is the amount of invites they send out a month that does show earning potential. I've reviewed dozens of sites that send out 5 or less, but Irish Opinions does send out roughly 20 a month which is an improvement and the fact they pay good does bode well.

The surveys are also quick and easy to complete, the guidelines for times are typically between 15 and 20 minutes a survey.

​What Rewards Can You Redeem?

You can use your points towards gift cards. These consist of some leading Irish retailers such as Eason, Boots, TK-Maxx, Amazon, iTunes, Penneys and Tescos. 

You also have the option to use any of your earnings towards donating to a charity of your choice.

A payment is issued once you have reached €10.


No Referral Program

One potential problem you may encounter is the fact there isn't a variety of ways to make money.

I know its a survey site that pays you simply to complete surveys but having an added way such as a referral program would you help you make more.

Making use of Referral Programs on survey sites is one of my favourite ways to make money. As you can make money passively without having too do anything but invite friends and others in the first place.

Its good that they do at least send out a good amount of surveys but offering 1 or 2 other ways to make money would make the site better.

No Option For Cash

As you may of noticed from where I have explained the payouts is that there is no payment option for recieving your earnings directly via cash.

Many of you may be looking to make actual money through taking surveys and that is something you won't be able to do with this site.

Instead you will need to go with one of the gift cards they have on offer or instead give your earnings to charity which is a great initiative.

While not having cash is okay as many people are after gift cards for different retailers when taking surveys. Its always good to have the option as having cash means you can actually recieve money for your survey efforts,

The Irish Opinions Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Sends out a reasonale amount of surveys
  • check
    Pays out well
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Have to be Irish and over 18
  • close
    No additional opportunities available such as a referral program

Is Irish Opinions Legit?

Irish Opinions is a legit survey panel that does pay out and offers a way for Irish residents to make money and have their say.

I was suprised by Irish Opinions as they do excell in areas, for instance they do payout well and send out a consistent amount of survey each month to its members.

I'm not Irish so I won't be participating but from what I have seen they could be worth trying as they are not a scam and are genuine.

Unfortunately some of you may not be Irish which is fine as I have you covered. I have made a list of top rated survey sites that I have found to be the best paying in 2018.

Those survey sites I have found offer a variety of ways to make money plus have good reputations so I have no problems recommending them if you are interested in making money online.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Irish Opinions? Have you tried them out before or maybe still use them?

Let me know by leaving your thoughts below 🙂

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