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BetaBound Review – Is This A Genuine Beta Testing Site For Making Money?

Today I’ll be reviewing a site that has recently come to to my attention called BetaBound,  while like sites like Usertesting and Product testing UK is another product testing site. With BetaBound they will pay you to complete surveys and test out a variety of products, it’s worth noting that this site pays you not to review there products but instead provide feeback. 

Who the two sites I just mentioned they send out products in general, however with BetaBound they focus on products to do with technology, so you will be receiving products to do with computers, tablets, phones. You may of noticed the word ‘Beta’ in the name the reason for this is because the products they send to there members are in bets release meaning most of the products you get to review you get to try out before there released to the public. Sounds pretty cool to me.

While it does appeal and sounds good are they genuine and if so are they worth your time and effort. I’m not normally a big fan of these kind of sites as it can take ages to recieve good quality products to try out. 

If that’s not the issue it’s normally the other one being that you can get put on ages never ending waiting list. Nevertheless today I will be reviewing BetaBound and giving you my verdict on them.

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What is BetaBound?

BetaBound is a company that is based in the US, more specifically Orange County, California. BetaBound work with a number of  different companys, one of which includes Centercode to provide a number of different beta products for their members to give feedback on.

How Do You Start Making Money and Reciveing Products With BetaBound?

The first thing you will want to do is create an account and then after that start you will want tto start filling out your profile. This is a fairly important step as they will use your profile to match you with relevant beta’s. You want to mention which types of products you want to review, so make sure to add information on programs and products like computers, tablets and phones.

Once you have qualified for a beta and the company reckons your profile fits the criteria for the beta then they will send you the product to you. It’s just worth noting that even if your profile matches a beta it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be accepted. 

After you have recieved the product and tested it aswell as given feedback on it, you will recieve a payment through cheque. The amount you recieve really does depend on the beta, however from what I’ve seen most members are typically being paid around the $100 mark per beta.

BetaBound Pros and Cons


BetaBound Pros:

  • Some betas can pay out pretty nice
  • Good reputation


BetaBound Cons:

  • Not a consistent way to make money
  • Slow payout



Overall BetaBound is a okay side income but its definety not worth investing hours of your time into it, just because it’s not a consistent way to make a good income each month. Don’t get me wrong its a cool way to make money buts ita more like something to have on the side then a full-time job. 

While you may qualify for the occasional beta and get paid out fairly well for the most part qualifying for beta’s and there surveys can be struggle.

Even when you think that your the perfect person to try out a certain product you probably still won’t qualify for it. However with that said if you can qualify for a beta or a couple of surveys each month that should give you a resonable amount of cash to go with.



My Verdict



Is BetaBound Legit?

Yes it is, and from the reviews there are people being paid using the site.

Already Tried Product Testing and Want An Alternative?

Product testing in its own way is a good way to make money however it certainly isn’t the best way as its not consistent. If you qualify for beta’s ans give back good feedback you can get gain up to $200 per each one. To add to that I hardly doub’t you will be able to make a full time income going down that route.

However I do recommend a way and a program that will give you the tools you need to make a full time income from home. In my opinion starting your own business/website is the best way to provide yourself with a consistent income source in the long run.

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Ever tried BetaBound before? What do you think to them?

Let me know in the comments section below

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