The Best Survey Sites In The UK For Making Money Online

Many of these panels are for UK residents but do also support other countries as well!

There are many survey sites out there, of which many do offer opportunities for you to make money through simply giving your opinions on various topics.

Its also safe to say and from my experience that there are also sites out there that will leave you wasting your time which is why its always a good idea to do your research before joining any site.

Luckily for you I have done the research and eliminated all the rubbish survey sites out there to bring you a comprised list of sites that pay out for United Kingdom residents.

These are my favourite UK based survey sites that are Freeestablished, have good reputations and pay you well to complete surveys and other activities.

Some Helpful Tips To Help You Make More

  • Sign Up For As Many As You Want - With the UK survey sites I'm about to share with you the best way to increase the amount of opportunities you get is by signing up with as many as you can. I recommend if you haven't signed up to these sites that you do so as then you will receive more surveys and get to pick out which ones take your fancy which pay the most.
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    Make Sure To Verify Your Email Address - Once you have signed up to a panel make sure to check your email and verify your email, this is in order to verify your account so you can start earning and receiving rewards
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    You Will Probably Make Between £200 - £800 A Month - This is by no means guaranteed however this is how much you could make with the survey sites I'm about to list if you dedicate some of your spare time to doing surveys and other opportunities. Again if you sign up for more then one you will get more opportunities and earn much more. I have found that limiting to just one panel means you simply limit yourself.

1. Swagbucks - My #1 Recommendation

Swagbucks is a reward site well known for supporting most countries and the UK is one of them they do.

They have a great selection of rewards to choose from and offer many ways for you to start making money within minutes of registration which is why I regard them so highly.

You can complete surveys, watch videos, play/download games and much more in return for SB. SB is the site currency they have and what you will use to redeem rewards such as PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, Target Gift Cards.

  • check
    Plenty Of Ways To Earn
  • check
    Low Minimum Threshold Of $5
  • check
    Free Site That Has Paid Out Over $175,000,000 In Rewards
  • check
    $5 Bonus Just For Signing Up
Is Swagbucks Worth My Time

2. Toluna UK

Toluna UK as millions of survey takers signed up and taking surveys every day and is another panel I recommend if your from the UK and looking to make money online.

They send out plenty of surveys and pay out on average between £1 and £5 a survey you complete.

  • check
    As A High Frequency Of Surveys
  • check
    Earn Between £1-£5 a Survey
  • check
    Good Track Record and Has Millions Of Members Registered Onto The Panel
Toluna UK Logo

3. InboxPounds

Inbox Pounds is a well known GPT site that offers a range of opportunities to make money. I like this site because of the choice you have and the fact that they are also established which is important.

As for the opportunities you can get paid to complete surveys, read emails, play games, watch videos, search the web and more. Again very simple and takes a few minutes to sign up and get started.

  • check
    Free £1 Bonus For Joining
  • check
    Plenty Of Ways To Earn and Easy To Complete Surveys
  • check
    Good History Of Paying Out Their Members For The Past 10 Years
Inbox Pounds Logo

4. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is another established survey panel in the UK that pays you to complete surveys. They offer a quick way to make money and offer many ways for you to make money this includes opportunities for you to make up to £5 a survey. 

  • check
    Surveys Pay Well and Are Simple To Complete
  • check
    Established Market Research Company
  • check
    Get Paid Out Via PayPal, Physical Goods and A Range Of Gift Cards
Global Test Market Logo

5. MySurvey UK

MySurvey UK that also as a US version of the panel is a site that pays UK residents to complete surveys. They pay out over £20 million pounds in rewards each year and have a good variety of rewards to choose from such as PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.

  • check
    Pays Out Through PayPal, Amazon and Others
  • check
    Surveys Are Easy And Simple To Complete
  • check
    Well Known Panel That Pay's Out Over £20+ Million In Rewards A Year
MySurvey Logo

6. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel Is another reward site available in the UK that offers many different ways for you to make money such as completing surveys, offers and more.

They are up there with my favourite to use as the platform is so easy to use and the fact they pay you instantly means you can login, complete a survey and get paid straightaway. 

There is a good choice of rewards to pick from including many of the well known UK retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, Argos, Marks And Spencer's. There is also PayPal and Bitcoin as well.

  • check
    Get Paid Out Instantly
  • check
    Earn Up To 35% Of Referrals Earnings
  • check
    Offers Various Rewards Such As PayPal, Amazon and Bitcoin

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