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Is Harris Poll Online Legit? – The ‘Shocking’ Truths Behind The Panel!

Is Harris Poll Online Legit?

Are you wondering whether Harris Poll is legit, if so then this review should help you out and answer any questions you have on the panel.

This is a panel well known to survey takers as they are known to pay members to complete surveys and for also being established. However despite this is Harris Poll worth the time and will they help you make money also?

Bare with me as I will go through everything you need to know about them right here.

Harris Poll Online Review Summary


What Are They?:

Survey Site






Harris Poll Online is a legit online survey panel that does pay the average Joe to complete surveys online. You won't make lots of money but what they offer is a genuine opportunity to make money online.

 What Is Harris Poll Online?

Harris Poll Online is a survey panel that is owned by a market research company called The Nielsen Company of which have been in existence for over 45 years.

The company is well regarded in the paid survey industry as they have been active for many years and do have good reviews and even a A+ BBB crediting to back that up.

They offer opportunities for people to not only make money by giving thier opinions on different topics but also have a say on different products and services around them.

Basically your participation will play effect in the development of market research projects which is one of the reasons some people enjoy taking surveys as a side job.

Harris Poll Online Landing Page

 How Do You Get Started?

In order to be eligible to sign up you must fit into certain demographics, these include being either a US or a Canadian resident and being over the age of 13 years of age.

As long as you fit into both of those fields you should be good to go and you can sign up by using the sign up box on the homepage.

The process is quite simple and will take you around a few minutes to complete. You will also need to verify your email by checking the inbox of the email you used to sign up, after you have verified this Harris Poll Online will be able to send you relevant opportunities your way.

 How Do You Make Start Making Money?

The way Harris Poll Online work is simple and easy for anyone to understand, for each survey you complete you will receive a certain amount of points. These will then accumulate until you have enough to withdraw your earnings in return various gift cards.

As most survey sites seem to adopt there own kind of site currency Harris Poll also does this tool. There's are called HIpoints, which you will receive for your efforts on the site.

The amount you do receive does depend on many things such as the topic of the survey and the length of it, with most surveys taking between 5 and 25 minutes, with the longer ones you can expect to get paid more.

As for how many survey invites you can expect to receive they say to expect around 3-5 each month. Which isn't a great deal so depending on how much you get offered per survey your earning potential is somewhat limited

 What Rewards Are Available?

Once you have 1250 points you can then request one of the rewards on offer, these consist of different gift cards to US and Canada retailers. These consist of Amazon, Home Depot, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart and others.

At this time I believe they don't have an option to receive earnings in cash, however if you would rather receive cash then these survey sites that pay cash will help you.

 The Harris Poll Online Positives and Negatives

As with the majority of survey sites no matter how good they are you will find pros and cons. My first impressions of Harris Poll Online but after seeing the reviews and delving deeper in to how the site works that has changed. 

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. Established Survey Panel

If there is a good thing to Harris Poll Online then that is that the company as been in launch ever since 1963 which is over 40 years. Checking whether a panel has been up long is important, as ones that are older tend to have more trust and a good history of paying. It does seem with Harris Poll Online that they used to be great however have gone off track over the past couple of years.

2. Teen Friendly

Since they accept residents over the age of 13 and that they offer opportunities to teens it means that this is a good site for any kids looking to make some extra pocket money or in this case earn a few gift cards. 

Many sites do have low age requirements however don't give out many teen surveys and target mostly the adult demographic, there does seem to be more of a balance with this one though. 

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Lack Of Surveys

What does concern me is the real lack of surveys on offer,  if you are to make money its only with surveys at Harris Poll so only being guaranteed 3 a month is considerably low.

For some of the survey sites I use, I will login and at least have around 10 surveys to complete a day, at the very least. So when you compare the two there really is a difference, and you can imagine a big difference in earning potential. 

You also have to take in to consideration that you won't qualify for every survey because you may not be the right fit for the survey or the survey maker might have already reached the maximum quota. If this happens you will most likely be simplifying that number down to either 1 or 2 survey completions.

When I see the amount of surveys they offer then look at the reviews it does make sense as many of their members aren't earning a great deal of money. If I recall one of the reviews I saw someone has saved up 6000 points in 2 years, that is $60! That equals at an average of $2.50 per month.

There are people who frown at survey sites and say they aren't a consistent way to make money, but even then you can still make a lot more than 2 dollars a month, especially with the better paying sites. Its frustrating to see the lack of opportunities with this site as you can probably tell by the way I'm writing this, as these members could be earning much more elsewhere.

2. Accounts Deactivated

Another thing I picked on and found repeated a lot in the reviews is that many members accounts were deactivated with no reason behind it.

This is a concern for those who are looking to join and those who are trying to get paid, as it seems there is no guarantee that you will get paid out if this occurs.

This is quite a big issue as you are taking your time and effort into chance. You could earn money or you might not and with the support being relatively difficult to get hold of at times it does spell hard work here.

3. No Cash Option

While not as big a issues as the first two, people who look at taking surveys online associate it with making actual money.

Most sites do in fact offer these opportunities but not all do, if you are looking to get a few gift cards to put towards a few purchases then that's great.

However with that said I would check out other panels if you would rather earn cash, or even anything for for that matter.

 So Is Harris Poll Legit?

This is quite an interesting Harris Poll Review I have brought to you and I intially thought I would be labelling them as legit and would be giving you the go ahead to try them yourselves.

However despite the many years the company has being them it does seem as though Harris Poll are below par and the issues I have highlighted show that they are not worth your time and effort.

Of course if things change and latest reviews go up and rating then I'll come back and update this post.

  • ​Accounts randomly deactived

  • ​Lack of surveys

  • No option to recieve earnings through cash, only gift cards
  • ​Free to join

  • Established survey panel

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 My Alternative To Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online despite being established isn't worth it in my opinion, mostly because of the bad reviews going round on them. 

Instead I would rather recommend a survey panel that will make you money and has paid out over 180 million dollars to its members since existence. Not only that it beats Harris Poll Online in every department, consisting of daily updated surveys, other ways to surveys to make money online,

What do you think to Harris Poll Online? Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

Is Legit – A Genuine Opportunity To Make Money?

Is Legit

Ever wondered if is legit, well I did and after reviewing them I found some surprising aspects to them.

So I thought I would write this Big Spot review to give you a better idea of what they are about especially if your looking to get paid to complete surveys online. Review Summary Logo


What Are They?:

Survey Site






BigSpot is a site that promotes and recommends to you other survey sites for you to make money. You won't be completing any paid surveys with them but instead with there affiliates

 What Is BigSpot

First thing you will need to know before going any further is that are not an actual paid survey site. 

That's right, despite how they initially come across as a panel to earn money with by completing surveys this isn't exactly how they works and that there is much more to it.

So if you have clicked on this review hoping for a panel to earn rewards with you will have to look else where or alternatively check out this list of quality survey sites I recommend to anyone looking to make extra cash doing surveys.

I have to say to start off that I am no stranger to sites like BigSpot in fact I have tried many almost identical sites like this one already.

So to see the way this one works is no surprise as there are many copying the same concept to help them make money, I'll explain is just a second why BigSpot are clever and are earning way more than you will make with the companies they recommend Landing Page

 How Does BigSpot Work?

If you use the form on the site to sign up you will notice you will be shown a host of survey sites that BigSpot recommend you join. So instead of operating like an actual paying survey panel you will be shown others. 

The thing is with the sites they recommend theres nothing special about them in fact I have tried out a few myself and found them to be okay. The reason they promote these sites is because they have affiliate partnerships with them where each time someone clicks and join ups they get a commsions.

Its quite clever and you can guess that if many people go through this process that BigSpot will end up making a lot of money. Most survey panels will pay between $1-$5 per sign up, so if you have visitors joining all the recommendations its going to lead into a nice payday for BigSpot you could presume.

 How Can You Make Money?

It is possible for you to make money once you have signed up to the panels but do remember that you are making money with the survey sites and not BigSpot themselves.

Its like being the company in the middle, you take sites that compare hotel prices for e.g. these sites work by showing you the lowest price for a hotel room to help you save money, if you then book with that hotel the site comparing the hotels will get a commission. Its as simple as that.

The reason why I don't like BigSpot is the fact they don't even give you any information on the survey panels, such as how much can you make per survey, who can join, what demographics they target and when can you withdraw your earnings. Instead they just chuck a bunch of panels at you with join buttons without any other information.

Since I review many survey sites here if I do recommend one I'll make sure to include all the information you need to know about them and also make sure that they are relevant to you.

 The BigSpots Positives and Negatives

 The 'Good' Stuff

1. They Don't Cost Any Money

If there is one positive to take away is the fact they don't cost any money and you can find out survey panels without having to pay money for a list like other programs do. Programs like Click4Surveys are ones to avoid where they try to charge you to get access to 'exclusive' survey sites. That's not the case with BigSpot but always be wary as scams do exist unfortunately.

 The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Not An 'Actual' Survey Site

If you have made it this far we have come to the conclusion quickly that BigSpot is not a survey site and more a middle man. This means you won't get paid for completing surveys

 So Is Legit?

BigSpot is not legit and a site that is only designed to make the owners money through recommending survey sites.

I would not recommend them as they are just not the worth the time and your time is better of invested in actual paying survey sites such as these ones.

  • ​Not a survey site

  • ​Site set up as a sales funnel to make owners money

  • Concerns over how safe your details are and privacy
  • ​Free to sign up

 My 'Worth It' Rating


 My Alternative To BigSpot

BigSpot is not recommended and I would stay well away from them for the reasons I stated in the review. Its not all doom and gloom as there are survey panels out there that do pay and I have taken the time to comprise a list of my favourite survey panels, that not only pay but well.

Check out the link below to check out my list of survey panels that will make you money online each month doing paid surveys.

What do you think to Have any questions or opinions you would like to throw my way?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below, I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say 🙂

What Is Inboxpays Surveys About? A Legitimate Site To Make Extra Cash?

There are many survey sites out there at the moment that claim to pay out and thus number rises all the time with new opportunities brought to the surface.

While you will find legitimate sites that will help you make some extra cash not all sites are as good as they make out to be.

In this post I'll be checking out and bringing you a review of a survey site called Inboxpays so I can advise you whether or not this one will be worth your time and effort.

So what is Inboxpays surveys about and will they make you money online. Let's get right into this review and show you whether they are legit or a scam

Inboxpays Review Summary

Type: Rewards site (Surveys, Offers, Reading Emails, Etc)

Recommended?: ​No​​​

Verdict: Scam

Inbox Pays Home Page

What Is Inboxpays Surveys About?

Inboxpays is your typical survey site that pays members to complete surveys. As well as surveys they do also have other opportunities available to you to make money which I'll go over in a moment

Onto the background of the site, they are owned by a marketing company called A&A Marketing Inc.

How Does InboxPays Work?

Like the majority of legitimate survey sites it doesn't cost anything to sign and be a member of Inboxpays. While it is free there's something odd and different about this one's sign up process.

This is because there are a lot of steps involved so becoming a member isn't as quick and easy as you would expect it to be. 

Firstly you will need to complete a sign up box which requires details such as name, email address, gender, etc.

However once you've submitted those details there are then loads of questions mostly rubbish thrown at you. Like being entered into draws, changing gas suppliers, etc.

This is fairly time consuming however you do get a sign up bonus once completed.

if your interested in signing up you must be residing in the US to be eligible. Now with that said let me explain how you can go about earning money with them.

How Do You Start Making Money?

I would say Inboxpays is more a GPT site than a survey site as while you can complete surveys there are other ways to make money.

Some of which pay well and some that pay rather less but I'll talk about each of them now.

  • Get Paid for Reading Emails - As simple as it sounds you can get paid just to read emails, However these pay quite low where its probably just not worth it they do though pay anywhere between 2 to 25 cents. I guess if you complete a few emails at $0.25 you could make an easy dollar.
  • Spin The Wheel - This is a game where go get free spins to win different sums of money including the 'big' prize. You also get awarded more spins for each offer you complete.
  • Completing Offers - Now as you have probably figured completing offers is another way to make money. Now if you don't know what offers are there basically things you get paid for if you complete an action. So let's say one of the offers available is to 'search for hotels at ...' you would be paid for doing that. Now not all offers are free, as there are also paid offers which means you will get paid for doing something that involves inputting your bank details or doing some kind of trial. These generally pay really well compared to normal offers.

What Rewards Are Available To Y​ou?

Now onto the payments which can be requested once the threshold of $50 as been met. I was wondering why a $5 bonus was given when you sign up but it seems it's given because the minimum withdrawal is so high.

For when you will get paid is on two dates, the 1st and the 15th. So if you have the funds you will be able to receive your funds between 1-14 days.

What Are The Cons With Inboxpays?

As with all things there are complaints and inboxpays is no stranger to them.

The main 2 complaints that I found in most of the reviews were that offer's weren't crediting and the second one being that they are not paying out.

These complaints are sensitive subjects in the online world of freelance as there's nothing worse then people doing things and not being paid out when they should of been.

Anyway while there are a fair few complaints where Inboxpays hasn't paid out they do eventually pay out but for many members it's taken many submitted tickets and emails to see any sign of money.

I would never recommend any GPT sites that have a record of not paying out as there's just no guarantee you will receive your earnings.

The Inboxpays Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Get paid via PayPal
  • check
    A range of opportunity's to make money

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    High minimum threshold
  • close
    No guarantee that you will be paid

Is InboxPays Legit?

Unfortunately the complaints and the fact that there's no guarantee that you will receive your earnings really does put me of using this site and stops me from recommending them.

To add to that the high threshold of $50 is going to leave you grinding out loads of surveys before seeing any money. 

Sure, the $5 sign up bonus is kinda cool but making the rest of the $45 is going to be long especially with the issues with not all offers crediting.

In short I wouldn't recommend Inboxpays as there are much better survey and GPT sites out there that will pay out.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Inboxpays? I would say that overall Inboxpays is a scam however I'm interested to hear your opinions

Be sure to leave a comment in the section below:)

Is Panda Research Legit? – If So Are They Worth Your Time And Effort?

Today I have another review of a survey site as today I'll be answering the question on whether is Panda Research Legit or not.

Panda research is a site where you will be paid to fill out and complete surveys. In general surveys are a great way to generate a second income or some extra cash.

​However despite saying that not all survey sites are great and today I'll be telling you whether Panda Research joins a group of trustworthy paying survey sites

Panda Research Review

Name: Panda Research

Type: Rewards site (Surveys, Offers, Etc)

Recommended?: ​No​​​

Verdict: Scam

Panda Research Main Page

What Is Panda Research?

Panda research is a survey site that claims that they have paid out members for over 10 years ever since 2005.

This is an interesting stat as after reviewing the site I'm quite surprised they are still going to this day. I'll explain why that is in just a moment.

There are a number of ways users can make money with them, to name a few that is surveys, offers, clicking on emails, cpc, etc.

Panda Research Logo

How Much Does It Cost and How Do You Sign Up?

As should always be the case you don't need to pay to sign up for Panda Research as its a free panel.

As for the sign up process it is straightforward and will take you a few minutes to complete.

I have to say though that the site isn't exactly entirely free. If your familiar with offer walls and offers on some survey sites then you may be familiar with paid offers.

These require you to make some kind of purchase to complete however these offers do tend to pay well. You will find a number of paid offers available to you at Panda Research.

Panda Research Complaints

From seeing what other people have to say about Panda Research there seems to be a number of complaints on the payment system. This is a mixture of both confusion and frustration.

This is because not everyone knows exactly what the threshold for the minimal withdrawal is. For those of you who are wondering what the threshold is it is $50 which is in my opinion a little to high.

There are a number of reward sites that have high thresholds however with these sites it makes it much harder to withdraw and a grind to achieve it.

While the threshold for me is problem the next complaint I saw popping up a lot is much worse. 

Now the other complaint is members not being paid, this was very common with members. From what I've seen it seems to be 50/50, half of which are receiving payments and the other half not seeing any of the earnings.

I don't recommend survey sites that have doubts on the payment system has the last thing you want is to dedicate hours only to see nothing in return.

With Panda Research I've seen people who have said they have saved up over $150 before trying to cash out and then not seeing any of that cash. There are some receiving there payments but not the majority and even the ones that are are receiving there's months later.

Panda Research Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Been around for over 10 years

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Not guarenteed to recieve any earnings
  • close
    High minimum threshold of $50

​Is Panda Research Legit?

In my opinion Panda Research is not worth the hassle and I wouldn't recommend them as a source of extra income. 

While there are normally a positive or so with a survey site i review with Panda Research there aren't as the idea of completing surveys and earning cash that you may not later recieve isnt appealing.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I'd Recommend Over Panda Research?

There are very few survey sites out there that actually pay out and I'm sure you can tell Panda Research is not one of them that do.

Out of all the survey sites I've reviewed I've only found a handful that pay well while at the same time offering good opportunities to make a consistent income.

To break down that handful further there's only one survey site I've stuck up with over the last 5 years for making an extra $500 a month. That's because the opportunities they offer are consistent and the fact they are established makes them even better.

What do you think of Panda Research? Share your thoughts and opinions on them with me in the comments below!

What Is Contractor Advisory Board – Are They Legitimate Or Not?

So I'm guessing you have come across this site to find out what is Contractor Panel.

If so your in the right place as today I'll be giving you more information on them aswell as telling you whether or not they are legitimate or a scam.

This site is different to other survey sites out there as they target a certain audience for there surveys.

I'll talk more about this aswell as whether or not I recommend this site.

Contractor Advisory Board Review

Name: Contractor Advisory Board

Type: Survey Site

Target: Constructors

Recommended?: Yes, However not for everyone, I'll explain why later...

Verdict: Legitimate

What Is Contractor Advisory Board?

Contractor Advisory Board is a survey panel primarily based in the US that targets the audience of contractors.

This consists of Builders, Plumbers, Roofing, Painting and many other types of contractors within the industry.

The panel is owned by a market research company called Decision Analyst,Inc.

There aim is to gather insights from contractors to help improve services and products within the industry to help them grow.

They are a legitimate business and as according to the BBB (Better Business Bureaux they are certified and trustworthy.

For those of you who don't know the BBB is a organisation that reviews companys and then gives them a verdict as to whether there trusted or not. 

How Do You Start Making Money With Contractor Advisory Board?

There are a few opportunity's available to you once you are signed up to help you make money, the two main opportunity's here are surveys and focus groups.

Now like some reward and survey sites out there they have there own currency. With this site for every point that you own it equates to 1 cent (1 point = $0.01.

What Are The Surveys Like?

Surveys pay anywhere between 10 - 800 points but let me break it down for you.

They have smaller surveys and more rewarding surveys. The smaller surveys called 'screeners' are worth $0.10 (10 points) these will generally take a couple of minutes at most.

The latter of the two types of surveys pays significantly better. They pay between $5 to $8 (500 to 800 points). These obviously pay much better however they will require more time to complete.

As for invitations to surveys you can expect to recieve them all throughout the year. They are connected to various contractor companys who are always looking for new voices on different aspects of the industry. 

What Is The Payout Process Like?

The main way they pay there members is through cheque. These are dispatched worldwide depending on where you live.

There are two other methods you can get paid, first one being through Paypal and the second one is through charity.

They do however have a threshold that you will need to achieve in order to withdraw your earnings.

You will need a total of 2500 points which comes in at $25.

Contractor Advisory Panel Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     The company is BBB credited
  • check
    They have high paying surveys that pay at least $5
  • check
    Available to people residing anywhere in the world

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Available only to people working in the contractor industry
  • close
    Threshold is high at $25 and will take time to reach depending on the opportunity's offered to you


If you are a contractor and looking to not only make extra cash but make an impact within the industry this could be a site for you. 

From the feedback and reviews I've seen on them the majority of the members are happy with them.

However its worth knowing that this site won't make you rich however if you are in the industry they could give you a second income.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Contractor Advisory Board​​​​?

The company does pay out and while it's legit and could earn you extra cash there are in my opinion better survey sites out there.

The survey site I use to make money and also offers more opportunity's to make money aswell as a lower threshold to cash out your earnings.

I've reviewed a number of survey sites however not all of them offer a good way to make a side income.

This one won't make you rich but will make you more than the majority of sites already out there.

Hope this post gives you more of an idea on what is Contractor Advisory Board.

If you have any questions or maybe you have some feedback on the site

Let me know in the comments section below:)

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Survey Spotter Review – Offers An Easy Way To Make £300+?

in this review I'll be going through a survey site that I have recently come across called survey spotter. From what I have seen you can make up to £300 a month with them however this all to familiar and similar to a site I have reviewed in the past.

With that said in this Survey Spotter Review I'll be telling you whether they are legit or a scam and if so a survey site to invest your time into.

Now quickly before I get started...

If you are looking for a legitimate site that offers opportunities to make money, don't look any further than my recommendation.

They have helped me make an extra $500 every month ever since I first joined them!

Survey Spotter Review Summary


What Are They?: A site that compares and recommends different survey sites

Verdict: Legit

Worth It?: No

What Are Survey Spotter

What Is Survey Spotter

Survey Spotter is basically a site that recommends survey sites to people like you who are interested in making money online. They are operated by a firm in London by the name of All Grove Ltd.

Who Are Survey Spotter

The catch however or where the confusion starts is that with this site you won't be making money directly with them. Many people sign up and think they will make £300 on the spot, however that's not how they work.

You can get where many people get that idea from as when you click on the site your showed a big text saying just how much you can make, it all sounds rather easy.

However alot like another site called Top10bestpaidsurveys and you are simply shown survey sites which you can then join up to and make money with.

How Does Survey Spotter Work?

Now for the purpose of this review I went ahead and signed up to see just what Survey Spotter as to offer. I started by filling in the first page which required details such as my email and date of birth, this was easy to complete and took less then a minute.

After doing that I went onto the next step which instructed me to choose survey sites to join, I was given a list of 11 survey sites I could sign up with.

Survey Spotter Step 1

I can see why this kind of site could be of use as you are shown sites that offer ways to make money through completing surveys.

The one thing i'm not a fan of is the false promises Survey Spotter make. They mention how you can make £300 if you sign up for all the sites however I recognise and reviewed a number of them and I have found that making £5 a month with some of the sites hard let alone £300. 

Who knows, you may be able to make more money with sites like Global Test Market, Toluna, etc but I found there pay to be really low.

What Money Is Their To Be Made Using This Site?

When you sign up and choose the sites you would like to make money with Survey Spotter will sign you up for them using the details you provided.

I named a few of the survey sites you will be signed up to, there are another 9 sites which consist of:

There are a few good survey sites in their but of all of them Swagbucks is the only one that could make you £300 a month, all the others I have reviewed and tested in the past and most pay below par.

One thing that pops up a lot on their sites is how you can make at least £3 a survey. That's good pay especially for surveys however most of the sites listed will only pay up to £1 a survey if your lucky.

If it helps instead of signing up with Survey Spotter, ill leave links to my full reviews for the survey sites I've reviewed above so you can take a look for yourself to see if there's a site  there for you.

The Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Legitimate company
  • check
    Work with a established survey panels

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    You probably wont earn £300 a month with any of the sites they recommend with the exception of Swagbucks
  • close
    You will get a ton of emails from all the survey sites you join such as survey invites and registration confirmations

Is Survey Spotter Legit?

Survey spotter is legit and your details are safe with them however they aren't worth it as many of the sites they are partnered with pay cents.

Don't let that put you off surveys though as completing surveys is still a great way to make money which is why I recommend the best site out there Swagbucks. These pay considerably better then the others and offer a variety of ways to make money.

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to my Survey Spotter review? Have you tried or used any of the survey sites there partnered with?

Let me know what you have to say in the comments section down below 🙂

What Is Hawaii Panel – Are They a Genuine Site To Make Money?

If your looking to find more information on what is Hawaii panel then your in the right place as in this post I'll be covering all you need to know about them.

There are many survey sites that target different audiences and this one here targets at state in the US which is Hawaii.

This means if want to find out a little more about them before signing up you will need to know that you must be from Hawaii to register

Now I say this before most of my reviews but when it comes to survey sites it's important to make sure there a legit and genuine opportunity to make money as not all them out there are.

However you won't need to worry about checking this site as I have reviewed them for you so you will just whether they are legitimate or a scam in the next 5 minutes.

Hawaii Panel Review

Name: Hawaii Panel

Type: Survey Community

Recommended?: Depends, Read on to find out why...

Verdict: Legitimate

What Is Hawaii Panel?

Hawaii Panel is a survey panel that was created to voice the opinions of only people living in the US state of Hawaii.

The Hawaii Panel is operated by a Hawaii based panel called Ward Research which is an established market research company.

The aim of this company and also the incentive that members get by joining this panel is that people are able to have a say on various products and services within Hawaii.

For other survey panels you are helping organisations in your country for some even the world however with this one you can make an impact in where you live.

How Do You Start Making Money With The Hawaii Panel?

There are a number of opportunities to get your teeth into once you've registered.

These consist of Surveys and Focus Groups being the main ways to make money however they do have other opportunities to add to them ones.

What Are The Surveys Like?

Surveys pay between 25 to 500 points however the amount you get paid depends on how long and what the survey is about.

The surveys are fairly easy to get through with most surveys taking around 15 to 40 minutes.

​Earn Points By Inviting Friends

Another Opportunity that is available to members is referring friends in exchange for extra points.

Alot of survey sites these days have there own type of referral system. With Hawaii Panel you will recieve 100 points for every person who signs up under you.

This is probably by far the best opportunity to make money with Hawaii as while your can get paid up to 500 points a survey having 5 referrals will get you a payout of $5.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

As I just briefly mentioned the minimum threshold for recieveing a pay out is $5.

There are some Payouts available to you at different amounts. 

You can request a PayPal payment at $5, a Amazon gift card at $10 and also a Itunes gift card at $25

The Hawaii Panel Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Using the 'Invite A Friend' opportunity pays out well
  • check
    Available also to teens over the age of 14 
  • check
    Surveys pay well for time 

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Only available to residents of Hawaii


It's certainly not the best opportunity to make money however the concept of the site and being able to make an impact is great.

I have to admit though if it wasn't for them being exclusive to only a section of the US I would recommend them.

​I guess if your from Hawaii this could be a good site to not only make extra cash but also help the community at the same time.

However if your not from Hawaii this site won't be relevant to you, I do though have a even better alternative that pays just as good

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Hawaii Panel?

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below

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What Is Branded Surveys – The New Mintvine?

What is Branded Surveys I here you asking. Today I'll be covering everything you need to know about them aswell as whether they are a legitimate site to make money with.

I've gone ahead and checked out the site in advance for the purpose of this review so I can give you my thoughts and opinions on them.

Now your probably wondering by the title of the post what do you mean by the new Mintvine. That is because the site now as a new name which is why it's now called Branded Surveys.

From what I remember and the review I did on Mintvine about a year ago they were a genuine opportunity. However since the rebranding are they still a site to use to earn extra cash online.

Branded Surveys Review

Name: Branded Surveys

Type: ​Online Rewards Site (Surveys and ​​​Tasks)

Recommended: ​Yes​​​

Verdict: Legitimate

Branded Surveys Review

Who Are Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys which is the new name for the survey panel called Mintvine. Instead of keeping the original name the research company that operates them called Branded Market Research decided to change it back in November 2017

The concept of the site is still the same in that you will be paid for completing activities such as surveys and tasks.

looking at the new branded site everything else is still kind of the same with the odd changes here and there. I'll go through everything though as you go through this review

What Are Branded Surveys About

How Do You Start Making Money With Branded Surveys?

​Now like it originally was there are still the same opportunity's available to members.

For the surveys which work the same you can expect to receive roughly 50 points a survey with the minimal threshold being 1000 points which equates to $10. Some surveys do pay more then 70 but you will find the majority pay at least 50 a survey.

When you break it down 10-20 surveys should see you reach the threshold with each one being worth roughly $0.50 to $1 a survey.

Different Membership Levels

While you don't have to pay to participate on the site they do have different levels which consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

How this works is that for every survey you complete you will earn a point that will be put towards the next level. 

You start off at Bronze and eventually go from that to Gold as you complete more surveys. You will need 270 points to get from Bronze to Gold. 

Each level offers benefits so the higher the level the more you will recieve for completing various tasks. These tasks consist of Referring a friend, Poll Streak and Completing a certain amount of surveys in a day and many more will get you more points.

Obviously the higher the level you are the more you will be rewarded so if your interested or a member of this site it could be worth investing your time in.

I know some other panels offer this such as Prizerebel that offer bonuses for what are the loyal and long serving members.

What Is Branded Surveys Complaints Like?

Being essentially the same site as Mintvine alot of people still use them and rate them as a solid rewards site for making extra cash.

I can vouch for them also has I used to use them a couple of months ago and was able to cash out my earnings a couple of times.

However I have moved on to another site simply because the opportunitys there were better and also I found grinding out $10 each time to withdraw a pain.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

As I briefly mentioned you will need $10 to withdraw, that is 1000 points in the Branded Surveys site currency.

You can withdraw via either Paypal or a Gift card of your choice. They do have quite a variety of Gift cards to choose from including the likes of Walmart, Itunes, Starbucks, Target, Amazon and many more.

They also have Cinema and Restaurants vouchers and cards available aswell

Achieving the threshold isn't to hard however its worth noting that reaching this every single day is a challenge as I found the surveys do run out. That could just be my region as I know people in the US do get access to far more surveys than those in the UK.

When you compare it to the likes of Toluna and Cashcrate and some others who have a threshold of $30 this one is fairly reasonable

The Branded Surveys Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
     Some members have struggled to qualify for surveys
  • check
    Medical surveys pay really well
  • check
    Get paid in Cash through Paypal

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    The earning potential is limited
  • close
    Hard to reach the minimum threshold on a consistent basis
  • close
    Not available Worldwide, only to those residing in Canada, America and the United Kingdom.


This site overall is a good site for those looking to make extra cash online. From my experience with this site and mintvine before it making an extra $20 to $40 isn't over achievable. 

​Obviously I'm sure you know that survey sites won't make you a fortune or replace a full time job. However they can if used correctly bring in a decent income. 

It all depends with what survey site you use as sone will make it much easier to make money and then some will do the opposite.

I currently use survey sites to pay for things such as rent, food, and other essentials. So you can see having that extra cash can really help out

My 'Worth It' Rating

What do you think to Branded Surveys? Maybe you have already used them or still do?

Let me know what you think to them by leaving a comment below!

Chasen Research Review – Are They Legit Or Another Scam?

Quite a lot of the survey sites I review and try out are fairly established. In this post I have a Chasen Research review which is a company who have been around for over 30 years.

The fact they have been around that long maybe enough to assume they are legit but that isn't always the case.

The aim of this review is to give you more information on this site and whether they are a genuine site to make money online.

Now like the title of this post says are Chasen Research legit or a scam? I'll answer that question in this posr

Chasen Research Review

Name: Chasen Research

Type: Market Research Company

Recommended?:​ Yes 

Verdict: Legitimate

What Is Chasen Research?

Chasen Research is a market research company out in New York, USA. They first came on the scene back in 1986 by someone called Marcie Chasen.

Like most panels the focus of the company is to give opportunity's to the public to make money through various types of studies.

They also work with clients to help by collecting useful opinions to help improve and innovate various products

Opportunities available to thier members consist of the likes of surveys, focus groups and a few other. I'll take more on how these work at the site later.

Who Is Eligible To Participate​​​​?

In order to be eligible you will need to be residing in the US to participate. Also if your a teen you also won't be elgible has they are only seeking adults over 18.

The main opportunity that Chasen Research focus on is there focus groups of which only take place in the US. Although if you do live in the US the focus groups run all over the country.

How Do You Start Making Money With Brand Institute?

As I briefly mentioned the main way they look at gathering opinions on products is through there Focus Groups. They do however carry out online surveys for those who aren't interested in being interviewed face to face.

Opportunity's pay anywhere between $20 to $100 a study. This is very good pay for what is generally a simple task and easy thing to participate in.

Who Are They Targeting?​​​​

Whats good is that I'd your over 18 they are targeting almost every demographic. So finding a study that matches you won't be so difficult.

There looking for all types of people to participate so whether you are in full time employment or even unemployed there is surveys for you.

There are many sites that offer opportunities to make money but you will find a number of them are only looking for strict targeted audiences.

What Is The Payout Process Like?

When you complete a study you will be sent a payment for it. The amount you will be paid completely depends on the worth of the study.

You will be able to recieve your payment through either a bank transfer or cheque, down to your preference

Chasen Research Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Opportunity for all demographics and audiences
  • check
    Focus groups pay very well for your time
  • check
    Open to anyone over 18

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Not a reliable way to make money online


I normally don't recommend these kind of reward sites that focus on focus groups to gather insights and opinions.

However this is a established company that has been around for years that does pay very well for each study you participate in

It is important to know that these kind of sites are good for the one of payouts every now and then but if your looking for consistent income I wouldn't consider them if that's what your looking for

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Chasen Research?

I'm not going to lie but at least $20 a study is quite good and that for some you can even get $100 sounds great.

However the way I see it that is only one of payments so achieving a consistent income using Chasen would be hard.

Instead I would recommend sites that will help you earn on more of a consistent basis and help add to your primary income

Baker Street Solutions Review – Are They Legit or a Scam

In this post I have a Baker Street Solutions Review, this is a survey panel that pays members to complete surveys.

If you have come across this post to find out just what they are about and whether they are legit then your in the right place.

There are many reward sites that offer opportunities to make money while not all of them are scams there not all legit either

​This review should give you a heads up on Baker Street and if they are legit whether to even dedicate your time with them.

Baker Street Solutions Review

Name: Baker Street Solutions

Type: Survey Panel

Recommended?: ​Yes​​​

Verdict: Legit

Who Are Baker Street Solutions?

Baker Street Solutions are a market research company who started up the survey panel.

There aim Is collect great data that can then be used to help improve products and services from leading retailers in the world.

They have visions to become one of the best research companys in the world and managed to even win the top agency at the internet marketing association awards back in 2015

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign up process will take you a couple of minutes to complete just like most sites and is easy to do.

The things you will need to know before trying to attempt to sign up is that this site is exclusive only to US residents aswell as people over 18.

If you fit into both of them demographics your good to go.

How Do You Start Making Money With Brand Institute?

Now with all that said your probably wondering how do you make money and how well do the opportunity's offered to members pay

The main opportunity for making money is through there surveys which can be taken on both a handheld device and on a computer.

The other notable opportunities are through there Focus Groups and Interviews however whether you qualify for these studies depend on your demographics and your profile.

Now surveys pay generally around $5 to $40. I say that because many of the surveys do pay very well within the latter region.

This is different to other survey sites Ive recommended at points in the past as many claim they pay within a region but don't. 

I've reviewed and used sites that say they pay between $1 to $20, however you find the majority of invites are just over a $1, which sucks!

What Is The Payout Process Like?

​The payout system consists of payments sent out through cash. These will be sent out through either Cheque or a direct deposit depending on your preference.

​If your not interested in those payouts they also payout through Amazon gift cards. 

Bakers Street Solicitors Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    Pay out really well for surveys
  • check
    Established and the majority of reviews and experiences are positive
  • check
    Open to people over 18+

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Exclusive to only US residents


My first impressions and my thoughts after this review aswell are positive for this site. It's rare to find survey sites that pay well while also having an efficient payment system.

While I do recommend this site it's important to bare in mind that they won't make you rich however they will offer you opportunity's to make some extra cash

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Baker Street Solutions?

No survey site is perfect nor are they going to make you rich. If any survey site has told you that they will help you make tons of money there probably not all there made out to be.

Baker Street Solutions are good in there own right however there not for everyone.

I've reviewed a good number of survey sites and from my experiences with them I haven't come across a site that has come close to my #1 recommendation.

Hopefully this Baker Street Solutions Review helped you out and gave​​​​ you the right information you were looking for 

What do you think to them? Have you had experiences with the site? 

Let me know in the comments section below

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