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Is AppNana Safe To Use Or A Scam?

AppNana is another application for Android and iOS that gives members an opportunity to make money, or in this case nanas, which then can be swapped for rewards.

The way it works is simple for most people to pick up and start earning.

You’re probably wondering whether Is AppNana safe or is it indeed a trap to waste your precious time.

Well in my full review I’ll be answering that exact question and more


Appnana App Review Summary


What Are They?:

Making Money App

Target GEO:




 What Is Appnana?

AppNana is a free application that you can download from either the IOS or Android Google Play store.

So basically this application works by giving you nanas for downloading applications and keeping them open for a certain amount of time.

The more apps you download the more money you will essentially make.

On the market you will find opportunities that pay you to download apps such as:

Appnana App

How Do You Make Start Making Money?

In total there are three ways to get nanas, this includes downloading featured games/apps, collecting bonuses and the referral program which I will talk about in a second.

For the first opportunity, once you load up the app you will see three tabs.

The second tab named 'get nanas' is where you will find all the applications where you can earn from.

Get Nanas For Doing Offers

The amount of nanas ranges hugely depending on what you do. For e.g the highest paying one I have is to join a company called BetBull.

However the terms include downloading the app, making an account and finally depositing £10.

This is a task that as you can see requires your credit card, but pays out 27,500 nanas.

That offer alone will nearly get you a payout, and that's just from one. But there are many terms to meet.

If you don't want to enter your CC and like me just want to earn for free you will see offers that just require a download.

They aren't hard actions so the payout will typically be around 500-1000.

So if you want to cash out without any investment you would need to complete a number of these.

What Rewards Are Available?

Appnana Rewards

Choice of gift cards and cash rewards

You can use all your acquired nanas in the store to redeem rewards. What you will see and can get depends on your location.

You can exchange your nanas for gift cards from PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many others. 

It's also worth noting that the minimum threshold is fairly low, in the UK it is at £0.60 and the US is $1.

Appnana Referral Progam

As Well as being paid to download apps Appnana also offer an opportunity for users to get paid for referring other friends.

For every person you refer you will receive 2500 nanas.

However while that may seem a lot it will take you 12 referrals to reach the minimum threshold of $1.

The other person will also get the same amount in 2500 nanas, so its a win for both sides.

You could potentially make some money and request a few rewards, so by all means hand out your link as it could make it easier for you.

If you want to learn how to refer people check out the three ways I use,

Are Appnana Cheats And Bots Real?

First off let me say I don't condone using any kind of hacks to get an advantage with extra income apps. 

Not only is it illegal on every occasion but it will get you banned. 

Since there are a number of people talking about possible hacks to somehow get more nanas I thought I would address it.

Now although there is many videos claiming to have methods or even special links. Let me say there is no way to get loads of nanas for free.

You either have to work for it by downloading apps like I mentioned or your alternative is to use the referral program. 

With this you can make lots of money with it through having  a stream of people joining.

Funnily enough this is how all these so called 'hackers' are earning. Because they are claiming to have a special appnana code.

However actually its just there referral link, so when so many people join looking for free nanas its actually these people benefiting.

There is nothing wrong with using the referral system to your advantage, but its important not to misguide people like what others are doing right now.

The 'Good' Stuff

1. Easy To Set Up And Start Earning

There isn't no lengthy process involved, you get the app, make an account and from there your good to go.

This is a common trait of apps like this one is that it doesn't take much to start earning. It isn't a job, just a extra income opportunity where you are getting paid to do tasks.

2. Earn Daily Bonuses

There are a range of bonuses from start up to daily ones. This is great to help you pick up nanas fast.

If you are new you will get 10'000 nanas this is about a 1/3 of the way to a payout. So even if you use it for just one reward your journey to it has been made easier.

If you were referred by someone and they have given you a code to use you can gain 2500 nanas straight off the bat by entering it.

3. Pays Through Popular Retailers Like Amazon and PayPal

There is a good range of rewards for you to choose from, the drop down menu makes it easy to browse through the countries and find stuff for you.

I always have people asking me for opportunities for there locations but as one of the options here you have 'worldwide'.

This means that anyone can get paid out through these.

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

1. Requires Time Investment

We have covered this already but in case you haven't gathered you will need to put in a good chunk of time to get anything in return.

I know that goes for any opportunity but most apps only pay less than 1000 nanas.

This means if you want a $1 Amazon voucher which is the lowest priced option, you may have to download between 30-60 apps.

The good news is that if you put in maybe a few minutes a day doing a few tasks here and there you could casually earn.

That is one of the better takeaways I can find with Appnana.

Is AppNana Safe To Use?

I can tell you that Appnana is safe and a legitimate app to earn rewards.

What's great is the big collection of rewards available to you so if your looking for cash, Amazon vouchers or new games Appnana is it.

However, i wouldn’t expect to start earning a fortune just from downloading apps.

My 'Worth It' Rating


Moving Away From 'Nanas'

As I said Appnana will help you make you an extra couple of dollars/pounds, but nothing more. 

Appnana is the kind of app you will open once a day to get a couple of nanas so you can redeem a reward maybe at the end of the month. Well, that's how I would use this app.

It doesn't mean you can't earn with them it will just be hard to earn a lot just using them. You will want to combine it with other apps to get more.

If your looking for a rewards site to help you make a second income online then I would recommend Swagbucks.

As they offer opportunities to not only earn on a consistent basis but make a good income each month

Have you downloaded Appnana in the past? What are your experiences with the site?

leave any comments in the comment section down below:)

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