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Is AppNana Safe To Use Or Is It Infact Another Scam? My Review

AppNana is another application for Android and iOS that gives members an opportunity to make money, or in this case nanas, which then can be swapped for rewards.

I recently reviewed another app called Feature Points recently so I thought I’d carry on with the money making apps and review another one.

You’re probably wondering whether Is AppNana safe or is it indeed a trap to waste your precious time.

Well in my full review I’ll be answering that exact question and more

Appnana Review

Name: Appnana

Type: Get paid to download apps and complete offers

Recommended?: ​No​​​

Verdict: Legit

What Is Appnana?

AppNana is a free application that you can download from either the IOS or Android Google Play store.

So basically this application works by giving you nanas for downloading applications and keeping them open for a certain amount of time.

The more apps you download the more money you will essentially make.

What Can You Spend Your Nanas On?

Nanas can be exchanged for all sorts of items inside the store. The most popular ones that members like to redeem is usually either between online and offline gift cards or either Paid applications.

You can exchange your nanas for gift cards from PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many others. They do have some pretty decent rewards but ha

What Are The Cons To Using Appnana?

Generally, the audits for AppNana are certain. There have, be that as it may, been more than a couple of protestations.

Notably one of the most heard about the complaint on the app is that they tend to pass on your email to other companies so it means that you will end up receiving a lot of trash in your email. 

Appnana Refer A Friend

Aswell as being paid to download apps Appnana also offer an opportunity for users to get paid for referring other friends.

​For every person you refer you will recieve 2500 nanas. However while that may seem alot it will take you 12 referrals to reach the minimum threshold of $1.

The Appnana Positives and Negatives

The 'Good' Stuff

  • check
    East to set up and start earning
  • check
    Earn daily bonuses just for opening the app
  • check
    Pays through popular retailers like Amazon and PayPal

The 'Not So Good' Stuff

  • close
    Will take you time to build up enough points to redeem a reward

​Is Appnana Safe?

I can tell you that Appnana is safe and a legitimate app to earn rewards.

What's great is the big collection of rewards available to you so if your looking for cash, Amazon vouchers or new games Appnana is it.

However, i wouldn’t expect to start earning a fortune just from downloading apps. 

My 'Worth It' Rating

What I’d recommend over Appnana?

As I said Appnana will help you makean extra couple of dollars/pounds, but nothing more. 

Appnana is the kind of app you will open once a day to get a couple of nanas so you can redeem a reward maybe at the end of the month. Well, thats how I would use this app.

However I've tried this app in the past and I found griding those nanas out really time consuming and not worth it.

If your looking for a rewards site to help you make a second income online then I would recommend Swagbucks.

As they offer opportunities to not only earn on a consistent basis but make a good income each month

Have you downloaded Appnana in the past? What are your experiences with the site?

leave any comments in the comment section down below:)

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