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Answerpoints Surveys Review – Is This Newly Taken Over Site Legit Or Not?

Previously named Justtheanswer this survey site recently rebranded to the current name Answerpoints. Before today I had heard of the site in its previous name but hadn’t realised they changed names. Anyhow today I’ll be providing you guys with a review of the site to see whether Answerpoints Surveys is still up there as one of the better sites located in the UK

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What is AnswerPoints?

Answerpoints is a fairly popular and established survey site located within the UK. This survey site is host to many surveys which are directed at members of the United Kingdom, so if you’re from anywhere other than the UK, then this site probably won’t be for you.

What Payout Can You Request and When Can You Request One?

There are two payouts that you can request, which is either an Amazon Gift Card or a Macmillan Cancer Support Donation. There aren’t too many options with just the two available payouts but the donation is a great touch from the site. Sites like Swagbucks and Prizerebel also make it possible to donate to charity using points which is great! 

You can request a payout as soon as you reach £5 which is 500 points and you can expect to receive the points within 28 days of redemption. You can also enter the raffle for 50 points which at the moment is currently for an IPad 2. 

AnswerPoints Surveys

When you sign up for AnswerPoints you get an extra 50 points, which is just a bonus for registering. After you sign up you will start to receive surveys, although these won’t comes straightaway. They will pick surveys for you and invite you to them that is too them 

Pros Of Vivatic:

  • Low Cashout
  • The option to donate earnings to charity
  • Easy to reach payout

Cons Of Vivatic:

  • No other ways to make money, like referrals, etc

Well Is AnswerPoints Surveys Legit?

Yes Answerpoints Surveys is legit and is also one of the most popular survey sites that people use in the UK


I do like Answerpoints as it seems relatively easy to make money using the site, I think that explains why it’s quite fond of. Anyway, this site is a good learning opportunity, not absolutely perfect but it’s definitely possible to make some extra cash. 

My Verdict


What’s My Recommendation?

Want to know what my #1 recommendation is well mine is creating your own online business and utilising it to make a passive income. To learn more about how to make your home business and ultimately earn a stable passive income then I’ll leave a link to my full review right underneath this paragraph.

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