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5 Legit Survey Sites That Will Help You Earn Extra Cash (Updated 2018)

Today I thought I’d bring you guys 5 legit survey sites in 2018 that will help you earn extra cash. This list contains legitimate survey sites that I have used and had good success with them. So if you’re looking to find a way to make genuine money on the internet and pretty fast then your in the right place.

Today I’ll be bringing you five of the best survey sites out there that will help you earn some extra cash. Just before we start if you want the second list with another 5 sites do drop a comment in the comment section below.




Vindale Research


My Alternative To Surveys

Survey Sites are a great way to make extra cash however for most cases it is very hard to actually make a full-time income from them. I do use survey sites myself and is just one of the many income streams I have running at the moment that helps me make money online. 

Has I said you probably won’t be able to make a full-time income which is why I recommend affiliate marketing and the best site that teaches you that is Wealthy Affiliate. What affiliate marketing is and what wealthy affiliate teach you is how to make a profitable website from scratch and then show you exactly how to make revenue from it.

I’ve made a full review on the site, showing you just how it works, about the site and how you can benefit from using them. I’ll leave a link to my review which also includes my 4 steps to getting started.

Click Here To Read My Full Review


What do you think of my 5 sites? Have you used them and had success with them? 

Let me know in the comments section below:)

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