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5 Easy Ways To Save Money At Christmas You’ve Never Used

For many people Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year which is understandable as many people spend tons and tons of money on it. Compared to other times of the year, Easter period could be another stressful period but I’m general Christmas seems to be the time that leaves everyone out of pocket by the time the new year comes around.

There are definetly strategies and ways of which I’ll talking about in this post that will help you get around this and ultimately save you a lot of money.

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1. Have An Idea Of How Much You Want To Spend


This first way may seem obvious but not many people go into the Christmas period with an idea of how much they won’t to limit there budget to. For the most part a lot of people go into Christmas shopping spending getting out there credit card every five minutes to but something else.

If you go in with a rough idea of just how much you want to spend you will be much more likely to save a ton of money as you will always a figure sum to go by. 

2. Put Money Each Month In A Savings Account

Another simple way to save is by putting a certain amount of money aside in a savings account each month…heck you could even grab a money jar and start saving some pounds and penny’s as you go. 

I know for a lot of families it can be hard to put any kind of money aside with so many bills and essentials to pay for but let’s say you get paid £2000 a month from your full time job you may be able to put aside £50 or even £100. 

This way sure does work as 11 months you will an extra £600 to £1200 In your savings account. For some it can be less and for some it can be more but when Christmas comes it sure can help out.

3. Sign Up For Reward Sites Online

Being someone who regularly uses survey sites often on a daily basis I thought why not add reward sites to the list. In my opinion this could be up there with one of the best ways as you can save up a decent amount of money each month up and till Christmas. Sites like Swagbucks offer opportunities to make money through simply completing surveys, offers and all kinds of other activities.

Let’s say you go on a reward site like Swagbucks for an hour or 2 a day, you could complete a couple of surveys and get at least £10 or more for the day. If you did this every day for a year you could get roughly £3500 a month. Now that is staggering and can really help put the majority of families when the Christmas period is looming. 

Even if you came across this route of making a litre extra cash going into Christmas late, you could still end up saving a couple of hundred quid which I’m sure for most people would go a long way.


4. Make The Most Of Bank Offers

This tip is something I believe not a lot of people do or just haven’t thought about it as a way to save money. The banking industry these days is quite competitive so you will find a lot of banks offering a range of offers to people. 

If you sign up with a bank or two you can get up to anywhere between £50 to £250 an account. Let’s say you sign up to a bank and your other half also signs up then you can see how you can get a real increase in money saved up in a short space of time.

Looking To Prepare For The Next Christmas?

The above tips I’ve gone through will definety help you save money on your up and coming Christmas shopping. However if your not looking to save little bits here and there and are looking for a way that will give you the opportunity to make a full time income or even a second income then I would recommend starting your own website/business.

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