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4 Legit Online Survey Sites To Try Out That Pay

4 Legit Online Survey Sites To Try Out That Pay

On this page, I’ll be going through a brief mini-review of 4 Legit Online Survey Sites out there for making money.

I most certainly recommend that if you see yourself wanting to make money by using survey sites that you go ahead have a browse through these sites and see how you get on.

  1. Swagbucks

For the first site which is swag bucks is most certainly one of the most common and trustworthy sites out there when it comes to survey sites.

This is due to the site having a wide range of ways in making money beyond taking surveys. Like many survey sites, they have their currency (SB) which can be used and exchanged for PayPal or gift cards to some popular retailers, including

As well as surveys you can also do things like daily polls, watch videos which are all equally as good ways as well as surveys to making money on this site.

On this site, I have found it to be very generous at times as it has given me a different amount of swag bucks at various times in the day.

Also at the moment they are doing a promotion where you get 5 dollars just for signing up so I would check this site out.

2. Rewarding ways

For my second site, I have gone with rewarding ways. This site is another popular site having been in the game for some years now.

This site is probably one of my favourite out there at the moment due to it having a low minimum withdrawal of just 1 dollar!

This makes it easy for you to cash out multiple times a day, without having to build up a lot of points before you can withdraw.

This site also offers a great refer system which allows you to get 25% of the earnings of people that you refer to the site. For example, if your friend were to earn $100 you would then get $25!



3. Mintvine

This is another site with a small minimum withdrawal which is one of the high points to the site.

As well as having this the site also offers many surveys to users throughout the day making it possible for you to earn from anywhere between $5 – $10 a day.

Not only that but when you first register to the site you get 200 points for free which are equivalent to $2.5.

Mintvine Sign Up Bonus

4. Quick Rewards

Quick rewards is a good reliable online rewards program with a low minimum withdrawal system.

Quick rewards pay their members for doing stuff from to do things like completing free/paid offers to taking surveys; you can even make money from playing games and shopping with the website.

I use this site often has it allows you to withdraw from as little as a Penny!


I hope you enjoyed my ‘4 Legit Online Survey Sites To Try Out That Pay’

Have you used any of these sites before? What are your opinions on them?

Let me know in the comments section below

Have a nice day!, Josh:)

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