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20 Coggs Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Today I’ll be bringing you a review of a GPT site called 20 Coggs where the main concept is that you get paid after completing 20 offers.

After you have successfully completed 20 offers 20 Coggs claim that they will then send you a payment. I have come across 20 Coggs before but decided not to sign up as I wasn’t quite sure what they were about.

But after seeing a lot of good reviews around the internet I thought I would check it out to see if they are legit.

By the end of the review you will find out my overall verdict on 20 Coggs and whether it’s legit and if so would I recommend it. 



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What is 20 Coggs?

20 Coggs is a site that pays members to do a variety of things from trying products to completing offers.

20 Coggs works with third-party companies in which they get paid every time you complete an action on their site. When you complete an offer at 20 Coggs they will then pay you, but after you’ve completed 20 offers.

How Does The Site Work?

Once you’ve completed the registration which takes a few minutes to complete, which includes confirming your email address you can start going through the 20 offers. You can sign up using your details or by using Facebook which is slightly quicker.

How Do You Start Making Money With 20 Coggs?

Once that is done, you will be greeted with 20 numbered icons and your first offer. As you go through the different offers the icons will turn different colors depending on the status of the offer. 

When you complete an offer it is sent of for validation and will turn ‘orange’. Once it’s in the clear it will then turn ‘Green’ which means that the offer has been completed successfully and you are free to move on to next offer or shall we say Cogg. Now onto the offers…


For each offer, there are detailed instructions on what you need to do to complete them as well as how much the offer is worth. In this case, the first offer that was offered to me is worth £10 which requires me to sign up and complete a survey. 

If there’s an offer your not keen on completing then you can press skip offer at the bottom of the page and try another one.

Once you’ve completed an offer it will take time to verify depending on the offer. For some, it may take a couple of minutes while for others it could well take up a day or 2.

I’ve never heard of Freestuff so I would definitely make sure to read any terms and conditions or even check out the site beforehand. I’d do that for all the offers just to make sure your not getting involved in scams. 




What Payouts Can You Get And When Can You Get Them?

All the money you earn from the offers adds up and once you’ve completed 20 offers you can then withdraw all the money you’ve earned. 

While the end payment can be quite a large one but it will take time to reach the 20th offer. However, if you’re earning £200 pounds every couple of months it might just be worth giving a go.

Your earnings can then be withdrawn straight into your paypal once everything is completed.


20 Coggs Panel Pros and Cons


20 Coggs Pros:

  • Gives it out high payouts


20 Coggs Cons:

  • May take time to get all the offer done
  • You will need to watch out for any potential scams



The concept of 20 Coggs does look rather good with the high paying offers but it may seem too good to be true.

From looking at most of the offers while they may pay well they do also look quite time consuming and stressful in that you may complete an offer and it comes back negative. If this happens you would then need to complete another one for that cogg so it could get quite frustrating. 

20 Coggs is definitely legit and to be fair I have seen plenty of proof that the company does pay out. If your thinking of giving it ago I’d recommend trying to aim to get a payout within the first couple of months by doing one offer every day or so, instead of putting huge amounts of time into it. 

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My Verdict



Is 20 Coggs A Scam Or A Legitimate Site?

It is legit

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This site 20 Coggs does have the potential to pay out big at what I’d say £200 every 3 months. While that’s not bad from just completing offers it’s by no means a consistent way to make money. Especially if your after a passive income each month, as this site will take time.

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What do you think to 20 Coggs?

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