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Hi Guys,

My names Josh and I’d like to welcome you to my site personally. I love taking surveys as they are an excellent way to make the easiest of money and is one of my many passions I would like to share with you guys.

(If you want to skip this bit where I talk about survey sites jump to the bottom of the post to find out which ones I recommend)


Making money using surveys is pretty straightforward once you get the jist of it. I thought I’d create this page to tell you guys why more people should take surveys.

Right, I get it not all people are going to find survey sites their cup of tea. But for the people who are looking to make some extra cash…your in the right place:)


Alright here’s two words that I would use, to sum up, survey sites (Well the ones I recommend and use myself anyway).




When anyone wants to go about earning money, these are probably two of the first words that come to their head. Everyone wants to earn money; the thing is they just want to know how to obtain it QUICKLY and how it can be done EASILY.


Well, these two words are the perfect words I would associate with ‘survey sites.’ I know one compaint is that many people do find themselves waisting alot of time to make some extra cash with survey sites, this is normally because there either using the wrong sites or not utiling the opportunities avaiable to generate a consistent income.

Although I would say not all survey sites make it easy for you to make money, which is why I’m going to help you to pick out the best sites to use by reviewing and testing the majority of them here on this site.


Here I would like to share with you all the experiences i have had with surveys and show you how you can maximise your earnings to the fullest using survey sites.

First things first I just want to say that my goal is to help you to earn money from survey sites, so if I come across a site that is a waste of time and effort, I won’t be recommending them. 

These Sites However, are my favourite survey sites that I’m using at the moment to earn around $100 a week. I earn this amount just by going round these sites each day and completing various stuff such as offers, surveys, etc. If you use this method, you could be earning the same too!

I’ll leave links to both my honest reviews as well as sign up links for my recommended survey sites below:



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Have a nice day!,